A Priceless Journey

Imprints of Impacts May 26, 2022

The entire story started back in April of 2019 with "CAST - 4 Camp Fire" just around four months after I stepped into the university. I didn’t have any intention on joining Rotaract. I just wanted to support my friend who was one of the co-chairpersons of that project. Nipun, Dushan and I had to go to a supermarket and gather all the goodies within a very short time as we got the final confirmation to conduct the event just one and half hour before the scheduled time. This happened because of the situation in the university at that time😉 (If you know, you know). So, we had to buy goodies like noodles, sausages, cups, paper plates, paper serviettes, drinks and even collect the pre-booked stove. Believe me, that was such a nice and funny experience as we had to fight with the time to gather all these things. But the most special thing was that I got the chance to do the thing that I love the most. That was ‘Dancing’. We were able to perform a dance item representing our house. Not only that, at the event I got the opportunity to meet a new bunch of amazing people who were a part of Rotaract Mora family at that time. Then I realized I should have joined the club earlier, because I felt that Rotaract Mora is more than an ordinary community service club.

Honestly, I wanted to know what Rotaract is and what we can do there before joining. That's why I was taking some time to engage with Rotaract Mora. Fortunately, two of my closest friends (Dushan and Nipun) gave me a clear idea about what Rotaract is, what we can gain from there and, as well as what we can do for others through Rotaract Club. Thereafter, I wanted to participate in every single project without missing any, as there was a bit delay in starting my Rotaract journey at the beginning. Trust me, as of now I have plenty of photographs and videos which were taken in Rotaract events. Also, I am very glad that I was able to make friends with such amazing and open-minded souls and gather so many memorable experiences thanks to Rotaract Mora. So, after 3 years when I look back, I am truly proud because I think I’ve made the correct decision to join this priceless movement in 2019.

I have never thought that I will be a part of the Board of Directors and that is also as a Co-Director of my favourite, Environmental Services Avenue. Further I have never thought that I was going to end up this journey as an EXCO member of the club. Anyhow I think I’ve come a long way in this beloved movement and gained lots of precious things.

It is such a gratifying and self-satisficing thing for me to help others and serve nature and the community through these various projects of all four avenues in Rotaract Mora, while building up a better version of myself day by day.


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