A Roller Coaster Ride, Yet Pure Bliss!

Imprints of Impacts Nov 11, 2022

How do I begin? Where do I start?

These are the thoughts that are currently running in my mind. 👀

But anyway, I am gonna give it a shot.

Let’s flashback to 2020, the year of the 25th Installation Ceremony. I was a young girl who came to assist in ushering gifts and badges to the Board of Directors. Wide-eyed, I was wondering how exciting this ceremony appeared, but I had never imagined myself joining the Board of Directors of Rotaract Mora as one of the chosen. 🤗

Many of my friends attended the club orientation before this event, but I couldn’t make it that day. My colleagues were involved in projects at the time, and I had no idea what was going on in the club. Somehow one of my friends asked me to become an OC member of the project, General Meeting for the Month of August. Having worked so enthusiastically, I found my rhythm there, I got a chance to start my chapter at Rotaract Mora as a caption writer. Since then, I have had many opportunities in various projects to work as a writer, thanks to my friends. 🙏

Time went by quickly. Life with Rotaract became a part of my daily routine. One day I received a call from the co-directors of the International Service Avenue asking me to serve as a project chair. The project was SLRMUN. It took me months to understand what happened in that project because it was an alien concept to me, but with the help of my beloved co-chairs Avishka Perera and Shehan Paul, it blossomed into something special and enjoyable. No matter how worn out we were or how difficult it got, the accomplishment and pride in having laid the foundation for the next generation made those thousand efforts worthwhile. ✨

Alright! Enough with the projects. 😜

I'll tell you about the most priceless gems I discovered here. THE PEOPLE. The People who selflessly committed to giving back to society, people who spent their time making others smile, and the individuals who carried the burden of leading enormous initiatives. They are the ones who set the momentum to this club with their sheer commitment and hard work, their names will be carved in the history of the club.

Ring… Ring… Ring… 📞

I received a call from Bimsara Ayya, the President for the Rotaract year 2021–22, informing me that I had been chosen to the Board of Directors as a Co-editor. To be honest, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 😲 I used to be someone who was reluctant to take chances, but this time I felt like it was now or never. I agreed to it. And yay! Since then I have been a proud member of the Board of Directors of Rotaract Mora. 🤩

There onwards I began my Rotaract journey with my favorite duo, my dear co-editors or rather my Momma Bears 🐻 Rtr. Nethma and Rtr. Samadhi. It never came down to just doing the work alone. It was always about helping each other, giving emotional support, and covering up for one another no matter what. Sometimes it was hard to balance, I am not going to lie, we were exhausted too, but with them, everything was fun, and every moment was delightful. There’s another unforgettable personality who was always behind the three of us, our Senior Editor, Kavishka Akka. I consider myself to be the luckiest co-editor to have them. 🥰

What I enjoyed the most as a Board member was the chance to collaborate with my juniors. In a time when everything went virtual due to Covid-19, it was a blessing to work with such wonderful, talented kids, who shower you with unwavering love and respect. 💕

I won't ramble for too long in this blog… 😋

In the end, all I have to say is that it has been an epic journey from being a general member to the Board of Directors, full of ups and downs with myriads of blissful experiences where I learnt how quickly time passes and changes our lives… ✨

Dear Readers,

Embrace these opportunities, they are life changers!

Mad love 💖

Your Ex-Co-Editor,

Imalsha Liyanage.


Imalsha Shehani Liyanage

Simply enjoying myself...

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