Professional Development Aug 14, 2015

Apprentice is a professional development project carried out by Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa with the motive of improving the ability of its members to make better decisions in their career lives. It takes the nature of a discussion between a resource person and the participating undergraduates. The resource person is a renowned and experienced personality in a particular field of expertise.

The 1st session of Apprentice 2015 was held successfully on 13th August 2015 at Brandix, Colombo 03. In the session, our resource person Mr. Shehan Adhikari, the supply chain project manager of Brandix Lanka Ltd, shared his personal experiences and knowledge, thus inspiring the young undergraduates immensely. Throughout the discussion he mainly pointed out on the vitality of entrepreneurs rather than mere employees in a developing country like Sri Lanka. Being an engineering graduate from University of Moratuwa, he further mentioned how the undergraduates need to go beyond the traditional view and see the world with innovative perspectives to obtain better achievements in their lives. Sharing his own story, Mr. Shehan Adhikari encouraged the participants to invest whenever there are good opportunities and to take wise decisions at the correct time. He also mentioned the recognition and reputation that graduates from university of Moratuwa have in the industry and motivated the participants to keep up that status. The event was a great source of inspiration and eye opener for the participating undergraduates who are still at the verge of building their own professional futures.

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The majority of the participants were level 1 undergraduates of engineering faculty. The project was carried out under the guidance of Rtr. Chirath Hettiarachchi and Rtr. Waruna Rasanga, the Co-Directors of Professional Development Avenue of Rotaract Mora. The session was extremely successful and the participants were glad to be a part of it. The project was chaired by Rtr. Sahan Jayawardana and Rtr. Isuru Tharanga.


Written by – Rtr. Anuri Herath


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