Beyond Boardrooms: Nourishing Minds and Creating Memories at Catalyst’23

Catalyst Dec 29, 2023

Our annual board training program, "Catalyst," recently unfolded its magic in the spirit of progress and togetherness, leaving us richer with knowledge and a dash of fun. The program kicked off with a full day of physical training at the lovely Villuda Inn Kompayahena. Four interesting workshops covered themes ranging from leadership communication to the intricacies of phone and email etiquettes. The backdrop of professional image maintenance and a primer on Rotaract and its career benefits added depth to our learning experience.

Of course, no learning is complete without nourishment. A superb lunch provided the ideal pause between sessions. And what's a board outing without some relaxation? Pool time offered a delightful break, allowing our board to unwind and bond. As the sun set, we gathered to exchange stories and sing our hearts out, rounding out the day on a high note.

Seamlessly transitioning into the virtual realm on the second day, we huddled for two Zoom sessions. The esteemed Rotarian Yukthi Gunasekara took the reins, guiding us through the intricacies of phone and email etiquettes. Our District Rotaract Representative (DRR) Sathma graced us with her presence, sharing invaluable insights gleaned from her Rotaract journey.

Despite the physical distance, the virtual sessions proved to be just as impactful. We embraced the opportunity to delve deeper into our understanding of professional communication and soaked in the wisdom shared by our seasoned speakers.

In retrospect, Catalyst wasn't merely a training program; it was a harmonious blend of productivity and fun. Each session contributed to our professional growth, while the outings and evening sing-alongs fostered a sense of camaraderie among the board members.

As we wrap up this annual rendezvous, we carry with us not only newfound knowledge but also memories of laughter, learning, and shared experiences. Catalyst has indeed ignited the spark for another year of impactful service and leadership within our Rotaract community.

Here's to unlocking our potential and embracing the journey ahead!


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