Are You Ready? 2021 Silver Partner Partner: Creative Software

Professional Development Apr 12, 2022
Skills can be learnt. Cultivate behaviour that identifies right from wrong and strive to always do the right thing.

-Channa De Silva, Software Engineering Director, Creative Software

Creative Software is a pioneer in giving rise to innovative identities around the globe and experimenting with the subtleties of the technological world in the quest for ingenious dimensions of ever-evolving technology. It’s a prominent company in Sri Lanka’s software industry that furnishes project-based software development and maintenance services through the association of skilled software engineering teams. Over the past two decades, it has attained Sri Lanka and internationally in procuring the highest quality service through knowledgeable individuals. They’re delivering their assistance in numerous sectors are like construction, logistics, healthcare, e-commerce and e-learning, mobile workforce etc. Mr. Sajith Peiris, Mr. Johann Senaratna, Mr. Jonas Bridgwater, and Mr. Sushena Ranatunga are the co-founders of this massive company in the software industry.

Creative Software endeavours always focus on adequately meeting customer requirements while generating more profits for the clients. Thanks to their reliable and quality service, they’ve been able to create an identity in the international market today. Their pursuit of transcending the boundaries of an innovating globe and scrutinizing unprecedented horizons is immense. As a distinguished software company in Sri Lanka, it provides an excellent service in Software Development, Quality Assurance, Application Management, Cloud Solutions, Data and Analytics, DevOps Solutions etc. In addition, it has established invaluable employment opportunities for many competent expertise software engineers in the industry.

Creative Software joined hands with Are You Ready? 2021- the Official Career Fair of University of Moratuwa as the silver partner to elicit young software engineering professionals rigged with infinite skills for the future globe. They also engaged with the Career Insights awareness session series under the Are You Ready? 2021 to create a clear image of the Creative Software and the software industry in the minds of undergraduates. Their session was conducted by Mr. Channa De Silva, Software Engineering Director at Creative Software, on February 3rd, 2022, from 7.00 pm onwards. There he specifically discussed how they recognize the customer requirements and furnish better quality service accordingly, how they have intensified their service to the international level, what are the privileges and job opportunities available through Creative Software, how the software engineering teams lead the service and as well as the benefits of entering to the software engineering industry at a time when technology is sanctioning the world. That period of about an hour was one of the most insightful for the young generation looking for an ingenious future career path. The primary objective of the Are You Ready? 2021 is to enable 4th-year undergraduates at the University of Moratuwa to reveal a career path that best suits their proficiencies and attain the pinnacle of success. Creative Software also partook in the Flagship Fair, the final stage of this enormous effort, illuminating the thousands of hopes of the young generation dreaming for the future and establishing many job reliefs for them.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Creative Software for their tremendous involvement in securing the future of the undergraduates at the University of Moratuwa. The experience we had working with the amazing set of individuals at Creative Software brings us to the bottom line that Creative Software will continue to formulate a breakthrough in the software industry through its impressive technological aspects, providing an increasingly unique and high-quality service and stimulating knowledgeable professionals in an infinite world of innovation.

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Nethmi Wickramarathna

Undergraduate, Faculty of IT, University of Moratuwa

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