Building Memories for a Lifetime - "Campfire 2019" - CAST4

Club Service Apr 12, 2019

As told by Rtr. Nirmani Dasanayake

“It’s the little moments that make life big.”

Laughter and applause echoed throughout the Lagan on the 4th of April as Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa unfolded ‘CampFire 2019’, the final episode of the CAST 4, its signature Club Service project.

One could see the energetic and cheerful Rotaractors walking in groups towards the Lagan at dusk, to witness the battle between the four nations: Air, Water, Fire and Earth. The campfire glowed in the background as the flames added a flavour of excitement and vibrant energy to the atmosphere. Candle-lit lanterns illuminated the place as the members took their places, with the war horses in them awakened, anticipating the battle for ultimate triumph.

The four Nations came forward with their performances in the form of music, dance and drama. Incredibly talented members showcased their talents as they were cheered by the members of their respective nations. It was exhilarating to witness members supporting each other throughout the battle energetically as a variety of items were performed one after the other.

Melodies of music added much joy to the crowd as they sang along while the campfire continued to make it a warm and mind-boggling experience. Food and drinks were served to energize the audience adding spice to the mood of the night.

‘Air Nation’ was chosen as the champion for ‘Best Drama’ while ‘Earth Nation’ bagged the championship for ‘Best Dance’ and ‘Best Hakka’. ‘Fire Nation’ managed to score the award for the ‘Best Song’.

The CAST 4 marked its end as “Air Nation” was crowned as the Overall Champion of the series while ‘Fire Nation ’ came in as Second, followed by ‘Earth Nation’ and ‘Water Nation’ respectively. Members were overjoyed to have their teamwork, dedication and efforts rewarded.

The biggest achievement of the night could be seen as the genuine smiles of happiness on the members’ faces while they created memories out of the moments that ‘Campfire 2019′ had to offer. We witnessed new bonds created and others renewed as CAST4 marked its successful completion creating unforgettable memories and marking a remarkable day on everyone’s university-diaries.

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