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Professional Development Dec 04, 2015

forumAs told by Rtr. Sajeewa Jayarathne

“Are You Ready?” organized by the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa in collaboration with the Career Guidance Unit is a much awaited event in the university calendar which marks the official careers’ week of the university. Introduced in 1998, this marked the 20th “Are You Ready?”. This serves as a pre-qualification for a future recruitment after the undergraduates receive their bachelor’s degree.  The program paves way for employers to identify baiting and resourceful employees among the fresh graduates from the university.

“Careers Forum” is an integral part of the “Are You Ready?” project, which is an interactive session where engineering and research professionals meet undergraduates. Majority of the undergraduates are not fully aware of how the corporate sector functions. Prior to mingling with the players in the corporate arena, it is essential for them to get a better grasp of the industry and the world of research and academics as a profession. Many a student wants to pursue higher studies and get involved in overcoming the challenges of the scientific world and the engineering industry, or shape the minds of those that might, but does not have a clear roadmap. Guiding them in the correct path with an idea of what’s needed to succeed and what to expect in the real world has not been taken seriously in the past. We were able to change this situation and elaborate on the life of academics and industry, discussing how to identify where to apply one’s skills, what qualifies one as a researcher, a lecturer or a practical engineer and so forth.

Careers Forum, the first among the six sessions, was held on 4th December, 2016 at the Civil Auditorium of the University of Moratuwa. HSenid Mobile Solutions was the main sponsor for the event and MAGA Constructions joined with the event as a sponsor. Speakers of the day were Mr. Dinesh Saparamadu from HSenid Group of Companies, Mr. Wijith Pushpawela from Diesel & Motor Engineering Plc and Mr. Mega Kularatne from MAGA Constructions. The moderator of the session was Mr. Sirimewan Jayasundara, a final year undergraduate of the University.  The event was co-chaired by Rtr. Sajeewa Jayarathne and Rtr. Achala Dissanayake.





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Thinking that everything is very simple even though it is not. She is a dreamer and an idea generator. She has a passion in helping others and likes to hangout with friends. Always loves to talk with

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