Winter Is Here, Let the battle begin! – Cast 4 Theme Reveal

Club Service Sep 29, 2017

As said by Rtr. Hiranya Panawenna ,

The roar of the Lannisters met the fury of the Baratheons. The Targaryens breathed fire as the Starks bellowed “Winter Is Coming”.

All this started on the 13th of October 2017. The most awaited Club Service project of Rotaract Mora, “Cast 4”, commenced as it revealed its theme for the year “Game of Thrones”.ThemeReveal17-(5)

As the Rotaractors entered the ground floor of NCSLB, the Iron Throne was waiting for them in front of a magnificent castle. The four house flags swayed fabulously from the ceiling. The familiar theme of “Game of Thrones” was playing in the background.  Amidst this grandeur, each and every Rotaractor sat on the Iron Throne as they were assigned to their house. Then they joined their team leaders under the respective flags and wore their house badges with pride.

The first challenge for th e four teams was a live chess game.  Members of the four teams had to become live chess piecesThemeReveal17-(4) to defend their Kings. After a tensed-up few minutes, House Baratheon won. The next challenge for the four houses was to conquer as many Game of Thrones kingdoms as possible. The team leaders got the chance to choose which kingdoms they wanted, but the team could only conquer the land by correctly answering a question regarding that land. The Starks won this round. The third challenge tested the teamwork of the four houses, where they had to cross a “river” by using sheets of paper as stepping stones.  Baratheon emerged as winners of the third challenge.


Up next came a special challenge for the newbies of the 2017 batch. Two newbies from each team had to step forward and dance resembling the postures and gestures of some animals. The challenge proved that they were indeed talented since they were able to make everyone roar with laughter. As the last challenge, each team had to come up with their own creative shout-out. All four shout-outs were exciting and displayed the pride and glory of each team. Last but not least was the opening of the dance floor which also marked the end of the event.

Cast 4 – Theme Reveal is just the beginning. The best is yet to come. Rotaractors, count your fingers for the next event of Cast 4. The battle has begun!

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