Celebrating International Day of Education: Empowering Minds, Transforming Futures

UN International Days Jan 24, 2024

Education is the foundation of development and a potent force that molds people, groups, and countries. On January 24, we celebrate the International Day of Education.


Education is a change catalyst as well as a means of acquiring knowledge. It gives people the ability to solve issues, think critically, and make significant contributions to society. Education unites individuals across boundaries as they work toward common objectives and ideals.

Is today's education quality good?

Education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. More than 72 million children of primary education age are not in school and 759 million adults are illiterate and do not have the awareness necessary to improve both their living conditions and those of their children. Even if there has been progress in global education, there are still obstacles to overcome until everyone has equitable access to high-quality education


Is education changed by digital impact? & How is it used?

The digital revolution of the twenty-first century has changed how we study. With the use of technology, education might become more inclusive and available to a wider range of people. As we welcome the digital age, let's make sure that advances in technology fill gaps rather than make inequality worse.


We can make education more accessible and egalitarian by exchanging best practices, materials, and knowledge. On this day, let's recommit to advancing education, supporting equal access to opportunities, appreciating technical developments, and raising a new generation that will steer the world toward a more promising and sustainable future. Let's use education as a universal language to empower minds and change futures.



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