International Human Solidarity Day

UN International Days Dec 20, 2022

Today, we celebrate International Human Solidarity, which was first declared in 2005 by the United Nations. Every year the International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated on 20th December with a common theme which does not change from one year to another.

The main purpose of declaring and celebrating this special day is to eradicate poverty and inequality, promote social justice and cooperation to develop a better  person and progressive country.

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Inequality is one of the major facts that hinder solidarity in the world. People have made their own regions, dividing people, according to race, gender, color, religion etc. This is the root cause for most of the battles between countries and communities.

People have common rights such as the right to live, right to be treated equally, freedom from slavery, right to pursue an education, right to express one's ideas and so on. We should protect and respect our rights, as well as others’.

On this International Human Solidarity Day, we can,

  • Celebrate unity
  • Raise public awareness on the importance of solidarity
  • Help people overcome poverty
  • Spread the value of protecting human rights
  • Encourage discussions with the government to improve solidarity

On International Human Solidarity Day, let us reaffirm our commitment towards working together to build a better world for everyone. By promoting solidarity and addressing the drawbacks of inequality, let's create a future that is fair and sustainable for all.


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