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Sustainable Collaborations Apr 03, 2022

Dialog is one of the world’s oldest and largest telecommunications service providers, and the country's largest mobile network operator with 17.1 million subscribers which amounts to 57% of the Sri Lankan mobile market. In June of 2005, Dialog was listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Dialog Axiata is the fifth-largest listed business in Sri Lanka, with a market value of LKR 86.3 billion (US$573 million) as of February 2017. In 2015, business magazine LMD ranked "Dialog" as the third most valuable brand in the country, with a value of LKR 28.6 billion (US$204 million). For the fourth year in a row, the company got the highest "Platinum" grade in the country's Corporate Accountability Index.

Dialog Axiata, an investor under the auspices of Sri Lanka's Board of Investment, has committed over US $1.96 billion to the construction of telecommunications infrastructure, making it the country's single largest source of foreign direct investment (FDI) to date.

It’s with immense pleasure that we say, Dialog has played a major role in giving us the correct assistance at the right time and has been a significant benefit to us. We have had an unshakable and intensive collaboration with Rotaract Mora for years upto date.

To recollect the first-ever exclusive experience of being partners with Dialog, in the year 2019-20 and 2020-21 they were the Gold and Telecommunication Partner of Are You Ready?, The initiative brought forward by Rotaract Mora. Our friendship has grown stronger since that day. It gives us even greater pride to announce that Dialog was the Platinum Partner of Are You Ready? even in the year 2021-22.

'Are You Ready?' began in 1998, which is a much-anticipated event in the university calendar that celebrates the institution's official careers week is conducted in partnership with the university's Career Guidance Unit. It serves as a bridge between the university's undergraduates and the corporate sector. 'Are You Ready?' focuses on simulated or actual interviews performed by prospective employers for the university's final year batch. This event motivates students to sharpen their abilities in order to meet the demands of the job market and the business world at large.

As a group of young undergraduates from a university-based club, the enlightenment Rotaract Mora received from Dialog, one of the top Telecommunication service providers in Sri Lanka, is unrivaled, and the strength that has been given to us has constantly pushed us to take another step forward to achieve our best. Behind each milestone we reach, the tenacity of this long-term cooperation stays unwavering. Because of your persistent support, Rotaract Mora keeps benchmarking its performance against all other university-based clubs and societies by making each step remarkable!

We will be forever grateful and obliged for your assistance in creating a life-changing event for the community and Rotaract Mora members, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Dialog for many more Rotaract years.


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