DIMO Talk: To Perfect the Professional within

Professional Development Dec 20, 2015

DIMO TALK was an workshop organized for final year undergraduates at Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Departments.


The workshop was organized prior to Are You Ready?2015, The official career fair of the university as a part and parcel of this humongous project. The workshop was held at the Civil Auditorium of the University on the 12th of November 2016.


It comprised  three sessions with two presentations and a panel discussion. First presentation was done by Mr. Dasun Arandarage who is a manager at Engineering Solutions Department at DIMO, about his success story and his journey with DIMO. Second presentation was done by Mr. Chandima Samarasinghe who is deputy general manager at Industrial Engineering Department in DIMO about career opportunities at DIMO.


Final session was a panel discussion with Mr Nalaka Kularatne who is deputy general manager at power solution department in dimo and Mr. Chandima Samarasinghe about fresh graduates problems, expectations of the industry. At the end of the panel discussion there was a Q&A session.


All final year undergraduates are hell bent on finding a the perfectly suitable career paths for them as they are about to graduate. To find better career paths, they need guidance from someone who has experienced and also need to identify companies that give them career opportunities. With the objective of giving guidance, DIMO collaborating with Rotaract Mora organized this workshop. This workshop gave some extensive exposure to the final year undergraduates about DIMO and the career paths provided by them


The project was chaired by two undergraduates from level 02, Rtr. Kasun Sagara and Rtr. Chinthaka Attanayake.


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