Professional Development Dec 14, 2015


‘The Dining Etiquette and Grooming Workshop’, ‘DE&G’ was the concluding session of ‘Are You Ready?-2015’.This session was held on Monday, 14th December 2015 at Hall Victorian of Kingbury Colombo in grand style. The event was attended by the final year undergraduates and Rotaractors from Rotaract Mora. The prime objective of the event was the sharpening soft skills such as polite and professional behaviour, social manners, dining etiquettes and personal grooming.

The session was conducted by Freelance HR consultant, Training facilitator and Executive coach, Mrs. Manusha Weerakkody. The programme spanned over 5 hours starting from 6 p.m. While experiencing an evening of elegance the participants also accumulated life changing experience not only on perfecting the art of grooming and dining but also a captivating dinner.

This year’s DE&G was sponsored by Sampath Bank and it was co-chaired by Rtr. Vidura Yashan and Rtr. Kolitha Migara. The event was a grand success due to the combined effort, team work and months of dedication displayed by the DE&G team, the hidden pillars of strength behind the success.

With this session concluded ‘Are You Ready? 2015’, paving the future career path of many final year undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa, while leaving behind important lessons and unforgettable memories to Rotaract Mora. DE&G provided fresh proof that ‘Are You Ready? ’ is improving its calibre continuously and it serves as an invaluable learning experience for the fresh Rotaractors each year.


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