Do Not Let Interviews Frighten You - The Exemplar - Are You Ready? 2016

Professional Development Jan 20, 2017

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Rtr. Bavindi de Silva,

“The Exemplar 2016”, fourth session of Are You Ready? 2016 was focused on facing interviews and moulding the graduates to enter into the corporate world without fear. On the evening of 30th of November , ”The Exemplar” co-chaired by Rtr. Nirod Punsara Rathnaweera and Rtr. Erandi Athapattu  commenced  with the arrival of the Chief Guest for the day,  Mr. Mahesh  Jayasinghe. Respecting tradition, the oil lamp was lighted by the distinguished guests and the gathering was welcomed by Rtr. Nirod Punsara Rathnaweera.

Then the distinguished speaker for the session Mr. Mahesh Jayasinghe, who is the Executive Coach and Consultant of Empower Softskills (pvt) Ltd was invited  to share his experience in corporate world.  The graduates were asked to fill a small piece of paper that was distributed. Based on their answers, he categorized the graduates into four groups ; diplomat, warrior, visionary, critical thinker. The strengths and weaknesses each group possesses were described comprehensively.

The audience was exposed to a couple of practical interviews conducted by him. The set of skills one should harness before stepping into the corporate world were discussed along with the values and traits sought after. The graduates inspired to explore their skills enthusiastically interacted with him gaining the best from the experienced professional.

The second session for the day was an interactive presentation done by Mr. Janaka Pitadeniya, Associate Director, Virtusa Polaris who has a vast experience in dealing with clients all around the world.  He mentioned the challenges that are encountered and the methods to overcome them. Furthermore,  the audience was addressed on required attitudes in corporate environment  and proper workplace ethics. The eagerness in the faces of the graduates was proof of a successful session.

After the second session, tokens were given out to the distinguished guests by Dr. Ranga Rodrigo as an appreciation for their presence.  The end of “The Exemplar” was marked by the vote of thanks delivered by Rtr. Erandi Athapattu followed by the National Anthem.

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