Down the Memory Lane - The Scholar

Professional Development Apr 26, 2022

Everybody likes stories. Stories create something incredible inside our minds, and that’s why people always love stories. Now, I will grab your attention by telling a story about such an incredible initiative where I held thousands of opportunities to find the real me inside the Rotaract Moment. Yes, Rotaract is a place where every initiative has an unseen positive impact on everyone's lives. When I heard the name “The Scholar” for the first time, I had no idea what this project was about or what I had to do. Since I started serving as a student coordinator, my role was to communicate with the scholarship recipients and confirm that they got their stipend every month. So living with this amazing initiative by Rotaract Mora for nearly a year, why not make this a chance to recite the story behind “The Scholar”.

The Scholar is an incredible effort of Rotaract Mora in collaboration with the Mosvold Martinus Foundation, where the First-year and Second-year undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa will be given financial assistance for continuing their academic activities. With the ultimate aim of helping the undergraduates who are struggling with poor financial backing to pursue their academic dreams, The Scholar successfully ended its first phase in March 2022, with 50 undergraduates aboard receiving a monthly stipend for a period of one academic tenure.

With the successful completion of the first phase of The Scholar, we at Rotaract Mora saw the impact it created on the livelihood of financially struggling undergraduates. It was indeed timely support for our undergraduates. We all know that within the university, we have several financial programs to aid undergraduates; still, a set of undergraduates have not been addressed about their financial difficulties. That’s why the project The Scholar always takes the spotlight. Though the name sounds very simple, its impact on undergraduates is deep and broad. The Scholar is a great opportunity that anyone would ask for. The Scholar will assist the undergraduates for an academic year to pursue their educational activities with fewer struggles. Isn’t that amazing?

As The Scholar turns a new page with the second phase impending, we have once again called applications for batch ‘19 and ‘20  undergraduates at the University of Moratuwa. For those who catch up until this point, head out to The Scholar website and apply today for The Scholar scholarship grant if you need financial assistance to cope with day-to-day life.

Apply Now:

Yes, via The Scholar, we pick 50 individuals to grant a monthly stipend. Though the figure is small to read, the impact cannot be expressed in words. Thus, for the interested parties out there, I may say The Scholar is one of the best investments in education you can make to colour the lives of undergraduates pursuing their academic activities, which will come in return for our motherland one day.

Well, well. I heard that every cloud has a silver line, and yes, sometimes you’ll be going through a difficult period but don’t lose hope. Take this opportunity to facilitate some sort of difficulties and issues.

The Scholar is back once again to give a hand to the souls struggling for a better tomorrow!


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