Embedding your brand with uniqueness - The Image

Professional Development Nov 19, 2019

As written by Rtr. Mohammed Amir

What is self-branding? Once Oscar Wilde stated that “Be yourself, everyone else is taken” and that’s what self-branding deals with. Every individual has their own brand which helps them to be unique with different aspects in the corporate world. As undergraduates who are entering to the professional career from different fields in University of Moratuwa, you must have a passion to brand yourself as an entrepreneur, scholar or a leader within the work space in the industry. Hence to guide through the undergraduates to get aware about self-branding, Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa provided the chance with the dawn of ‘The Image’.

The fifth session of Are You Ready? 2019, The Image, was held on the 16th of October 2019 with the presence of distinguished guests and the keynote speaker of the event, Mr. Randir Witana.

The session was intensified by the speech Mr. Kumara Galhenage, Deputy General Manager – Group Talent Management of Brandix Apparel Limited. Furthermore, Brandix was the session partner for the event itself and the next session was conducted by the keynote speaker of the day, Mr. Randir Withana, Singer, Director and Executive Producer at Thaala Roopa. He further supported the facts that your personal brand is what differentiates you from others and every move is important when you are branding yourself at any sector. Another interesting speech was delivered by Mr. Nayana Mawilmada, Executive Vice President at John Keels Holdings PLC which was the Platinum Partner of ‘Are You Ready? 2019’. Towards the end of the session, a Q & A session was conducted in order to clarify the questions of the audience and to address the common issues of undergraduates in branding their selves.

All in all, ‘The Image’ of Are You Ready? 2019 showed a  massive success with positive feedback from all while empowering students to become professionals with a unique and unbeatable self-brand.

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