Professional Development Dec 09, 2015

exemplarAn expert at something was at one time an amateur at something.

The Exemplar is one of the sessions of Are You Ready 2015 which was first held in the year 1998 hosted by the Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa. The objective of this session is to sharpen the soft skills that are mostly crucial and sought after by the employers. Mahesh Jayasinghe who is presently the Assistant Secretary General of United Nations Association of Sri Lanka conducted the session with his excellent motivational and inspirational skills providing the undergraduates with a comprehensive understanding of workplace ethics and proper attitudes in a corporate environment. A practical experience of interviews was conducted by him to demonstrate every important aspect of facing an interview. The undergraduates were given an opportunity to identify their own potential and improve their weaknesses through the techniques that he himself uses for career advancement. The event was concluded successfully on the 09th of December 2015 with much acknowledgement from those who participated.


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