The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Flagship Fair

Professional Development Jan 31, 2021

Which university graduate doesn't dream of their ultimate career trajectory in the future?

Assisting them in every possible way to make their dreams come into reality, Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa in collaboration with the university’s Career Guidance Unit brings out “Are You Ready?”, the official career fair of the university into life, with a handful of opportunities for undergraduates to ascend higher in the ladder of finding the perfect career path in the future. “Are You Ready?” was no ordinary career fair, but rather an enormous endeavor consisting of a series of sessions providing insights and knowledge on important career aspects such as career advice, industry developments, personal branding and growth.

Although we had to face so many obstacles owing to the prevalent situation in the world with the COVID-19 outbreak, still we were able to achieve great heights and reach out to a new dimension by undertaking a fully virtualized sequence of programs ensuring the safety of all undergraduates, corporate personnel, and all the individuals engaged in this worthy effort.

The "Flagship Fair" was the most awaited moment of this entire series in which renowned corporate entities came to conduct virtual interviews to recruit our talented and qualified final year undergraduates. Not only does the program lay the groundwork for employers to find appropriate and resourceful candidates among fresh university graduates, but it also allows undergraduates to develop a better picture of the prospects they will have after graduation, enabling students to improve their skills to meet the requirements of the job market and the general corporate arena.

Becoming the spotlight of “Are You Ready? 2020”, the “Flagship Fair” raised its flags marking a deep dive into the industry by bridging the gap between the competent corporate world and skillful undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa. This program was held for 3 days straight, from the 16th to 18th of December in 2020. Since everything was fully virtualized, the exclusive “Are You Ready?” online portal was used to carry out all the mock and real interviews for the students of the final year batch of the university.

Registrations for the “Flagship Fair” kick-started on the 1st of December. The undergraduates were encouraged by our Rotaractors throughout this process to prepare themselves to make the most out of it. Proving its success, over 1000 undergraduates got themselves registered for the Flagship Fair. Each registered undergraduate was made to create a specific personal profile through the online portal through which they were able to make changes and upload their CVs any number of times before registrations closed on the 5th of December. Most importantly, they were facilitated with the chance of selecting the companies with which they wanted interviews and they were allocated interviews according to their preferences by considering the time stamp of their sign-up.

It is with great pleasure that we acknowledge that 70 leading companies in various sectors in Sri Lanka joined hands with us to make the “Flagship Fair” a reality, despite all the difficulties that stood in their way during this pandemic period. And there’s another pillar of success which is unforgettable. It is our very own Rotaractors who took the responsibility of this initiative onto their shoulders and worked day and night to provide their immeasurable support towards connecting the threads of this chain.

The most anticipated moment of “Are You Ready? 2020” finally arrived as the interviews set in motion on the 16th of December across the Microsoft Teams platform. The companies conducted interviews in a manner that helped students identify the real potential in themselves and achieve their career goals. At the same time, the performance of the interviewees was evaluated so that the undergraduates could sharpen their performance in the future.

With the participation of 1000+ undergraduates, the “Flagship Fair” came towards a successful ending embellishing the theme of “Are You Ready? 2020” by connecting the elites.


Imalsha Shehani Liyanage

Simply enjoying myself...

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