For the rest of my life...

Imprints of Impacts May 03, 2022

Well, it all began in the fall of 2020. I accidentally saw a Rotaract orientation flyer with the Game of Thrones theme. Being a diehard GoT fan, I was automatically drawn in to that link and got registered for it without even knowing what Rotaract even means. Then I was assigned to House of Greyjoy. And that was the first place I got to interact with other faculty students from our batch. Co-leading the House of Greyjoy with Mahesh was truly a great experience and we were even able to secure first place in the Orientation. GoT theme ended with the orientation and well then, I also disappeared from the club.😂

Everyone deserves a second chance and mine came from our beloved Chathuni Akka to chair a project. It was project Shalom and I got the chance to co-chair it with Bawun😌. Through that project, we were able to strengthen the cultural bond and relationship with the catholic society in Negombo. Being a part of that project changes my perspective so much about my seniors because beforehand, I had a very serious picture of ragging and stuff. But it all faded away after meeting these beautiful souls from both the outgoing and new BoDs. Apart from that, we were able to give guidance to children in the Sunday school on their future ambitions. Like such, completing Shalom was a turning point for me towards my yet to begin journey in Rotaract.

The call that I received from Bimsara ayya and Reshaka Ayya asking to become the Rotary Family Coordinator of the club was a pure surprise for me. And I didn’t know a thing about that post or its responsibilities (as a matter of fact I’m still a bit clueless as to what my club responsibilities are). Becoming a board member allowed me to be part of this wonderful family consisting of young individuals with unique set of skills and kind hearts. When it comes to the “Podi 5”, those buggers have become my daily motivation for Rotaract Mora. Apart from bothering and trolling Yasiru for his “Duka Ahana Ayya” habits, Triggering Tamashi for “Samaagam Gaana” with Anupa and getting advice from “Our Idea factory” Anujitha has become parts of my daily life. I’d be forever grateful to the seniors and frankly the universe for putting five psychos like us in the same shell.

Co-Chairing the project Hand in Hand with Yesitha is such a blessing that I received. Although helping cancer patients with their needs was the main aim, this project also allowed me to connect with so many people from each and every faculty. Their passion for Rotaract and community service always amazes me. I’m pretty sure that those friendships would never have been born without Rotaract Mora. With the unparalleled dedication of our club members, we were able raise a significant sum of funds throughout the year. And it is all thanks to the help of wonderful souls of the club.

When it comes to my experiences in district initiatives, RYLA was a different level of experience (Apart from the questionable kiribath). Me & my Ryla buddy Dasis got a loads of experience in the leadership and the Rotaract movement. And all other RYLA participants from other clubs are truly amazing and we were surely able to build up lifelong friendships there as well. Other district initiatives like RCL and eArena were also wonderful experiences with tons of fun.

The Rotaract year is already at its end. And honestly, it has been one hell of a year of fun & frustration. The friendships and the influence I gained from Rotaract are far more valuable and will stay with me for the rest of my life.


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