Have Confidence Through Your Etiquette - DE & G - Are You Ready? - 2017

Professional Development Jan 03, 2018

As told by Rtr. Ashani Fernando,

The fifth and the final session of “Are You Ready ’17“, the official careers’ fair “Dining Etiquette and Grooming Workshop” was held successfully on the 12th of November at Hotel Grand Monarch, Thalawathugoda, under the sponsoring of MAS Active Linea Intimo. Many of the undergraduates of University of Moratuwa attended the session making it a perfect opportunity to learn how to make a great impression through a groomed personality and also to make the correct first impression through proper etiquette.

First impressions are everything, especially when meeting a new business partner. Having the proper dining etiquette can boost up your confidence to face any situation when it comes to dealing with high end business meetings.

After the arrival of the honored guests the gathering was warmly welcomed by Rtr. Shamal Jayakody, Co Chairperson of DE & G. The session started with a small presentation which was done by the session sponsor, MAS Linea Intima. Followed by the routine the workshop for the session was conducted by the session facilitator Miss Manusha Weerakkody, who has been with DE&G for the past few years. With her experience, she gave the basic and necessary tips to promote and encourage ourselves to foster skills, essential to our ethical, intellectual, social and personal development.

Everyone learnt the basic tips in making simple gestures, that would be highly essential in introducing oneself. The necessary advice on how to develop the conversational skills to present oneself along with other important etiquette skills was given. Finally the workshop gave an insight on the essential table manners, suiting to any high-end situation, invoking confidence in the participants to dine comfortably in any business or social situation.The session ended successfully with everyone enjoying the four course meal. It was with no doubt that the programme gave excellent advice in learning the essential skills in both personal and professional lives.

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