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Imprints of Impacts Jun 07, 2022

I wanted to join Rotaract Mora even before I was pursuing entry to the university. Funnily enough I got my chance to participate in the project Hand in Hand before I entered the university. Manning the sticker stall until Tharindu Samarakoon and Pasindu Illeperuma ayya came back from exams who were the co-chairs at that time, was the task we were given. It was a collaborative effort including my trusty mate K.M. Gunasekara, Danuka Sandaruwan  and many others who joined hands with us. One of my fondest memories is the time where a child and grandfather came and bought stickers even without us offering them any when we were all very tired, and I remember leaning against a pillar😂. It was around 7.00p.m. of the last day of the exhibition, and the gratitude we felt at that moment cannot be put into words. The effects of standing up for a long period will surely always be a must experience part of HIH, but the final donation amount cures all pains instantly.

I have been so lucky to be a part of this amazing family, this amazing group of people consistently for three years. Taking this journey with this glorious movement, alongside a number of exceptional individuals has not only given me many memories to cherish for many years to come, but also has taught me many lessons to take with me going forward in my life. And from what I've learned, analyzing every aspect in a challenge and countering them as a team is a core strength at Rotaract Mora.

Personally for me, Rotaract Mora is a platform which provides us the opportunity to help others. After 13 years of being a beneficiary of free education finally you have the ability to make an impact on the society and drive the future towards sustainability with your ideas. Under the broad perspective of helping it may be in terms of welfare/charity work , environment , a friend or yourself and it is as simple as that.

A journey with Rotaract Mora truly a roller coaster ride full of surprises. (p:s: you might even get the chance to be Santa Claus out of the blue and trust me it happens!😂) It surely is a ride to enjoy while it lasts and one to reminiscence one's its over.


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