Club Service Aug 14, 2015

The induction ceremony of Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa was held on 13th of August 2015 at the Civil auditorium from 4 p.m onwards. This is the project carried out by the avenue of club services in order to induct and retain dedicated and passionate members for the club. The project was chaired by Rtr.Sakila Sandeepani and Rtr. Hansika Sandeepanie.

On this day around 100 newbies from all levels got the opportunity to become a part of Rotaract family. The chief guests were Rtr. Hansaka Fernando, President of Alumni of Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa and Rtr. Ridwan Shariffdeen, Immediate Past President of Rotaract Mora.

The newly inducted Rotaractors were given certificates as tokens for their induction. But it was emphasized that the true validity of the certificate depends on the extent of commitment and dedication they have towards Rotaract Mora and the community at large.

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Rtr. Hansaka Fernando, recalling his past memories invited all the Rotaractors present to actively participate in the future projects and gain experiences.

The event was concluded by assigning the Rotaractors to CAST 4 groups, another Club Service project that will the unfolding over the next few months and letting them engage in the first stage of the project.


Sakila Sandeepani

Thinking that everything is very simple even though it is not. She is a dreamer and an idea generator. She has a passion in helping others and likes to hangout with friends. Always loves to talk with

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