To Enhance The Writer Within - INSCRIBER

Professional Development May 24, 2016

Inscriber is one of the newest additions to projects under the avenue of Professional Development in collaboration with the editors and secretary of the club.

The project focused is to adhere to an aspiration of Rtr. Amitha, our very own President of the Club, to create a culture of pure journalism to support the reporting function of the club.

The project saw its initiation after much planning on the 4th of April 2016 at the Department of Electronic and Telecommunication at the University with the eminent presence of Mr M. J. R. David who was former senior lecturer of Department of Mass Media of Sri Palee Campus (University of Colombo), former member of BBC Worldwide South Asian Unit and present lecturer of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Sri Jayawardanapura.

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The workshop that followed, gave the participants an insight into how journalism have evolved from the past and managed to create an interest about journalism among the participants. Further-on Mr. David managed to create a buzz about the possibility of a radio network being formed with the collaboration of the local universities within the country.

The workshop ended with an interesting discussion about how we can possibly improve the reporting within the club to also ensure effective communication with the outside world.

The month of April also saw the completion of the second stage of Inscriber. This session was held on 11th of May 2016 by our very own past secretaries, Rtr.Madhuri Sondarangalla, Immediate Past Secretary and Rtr. Guvanthi Abeysinghe, Secretary of The Rotaract Club of Alumini of University of Moratuwa.

The session was focused on grooming the participants to sharpen their reporting skills. We believe that this will not only be helpful for the reporting aspect of the club ,but also in their academic work, since compiling reports, though arduous is part of the university life.

We believe, the two sessions ended adding value to the time spent by the participants. Inscriber will continue into the future expanding and reaching out to its long term goals to create a culture where writing becomes a passion among a majority, rather than a chore that cant be avoided.

The initial two sessions were chaired by Rtr. Imalsha Rathnayake and Rtr. Kushan Chandimal


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