INSPICO 2017 - Session at Siam City Cement Lanka Ltd

Inspico Sep 20, 2017

As written by Rtr Hiranya Panawenna,

The fresh undergraduates in the first year at University of Moratuwa, has to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives right after they face their first semester examination. That would be their field of specialization. Even though they make this choice based on what they know so far, most of them lack a clear understanding of what industry expects from them once they graduate. Therefore it is important to get an exposure to the real working environment in their early semesters, in order to boost their enthusiasm.

In order to cater this need Rotaract Mora annually organizes, INSPICO, series of industrial orientation and field visit sessions at prestigious organizations around the country.

The second session of INSPICO 2017, took as far away from Colombo, to Siam City Cement Ltd at Palavi, Puttalam. Leaving Colombo at dawn, we arrived at Palavi Junction at 10.00am. Transport was provided to the plant from there. We were warmly welcomed by Mr. Roshan Wickramasinghe (Quality Assurance Officer – Quality Control and Assurance Department). After some light refreshments Mr. Roshan gave us a brief introduction about the history of the plant along with a small video clip regarding the same. This was followed by another video clip giving us a detailed description of the processes at Siam City Cement Ltd. Afterwards, stressing the fact that Siam City Cement always goes for the best quality while also promoting eco-friendliness, Mr. Roshan did a presentation on Quality Control and Quality Assurance. Afterwards he guided us around laboratories where physical and chemical testing were taking place.

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Then began the field visit. Well-equipped with safety wear, we began our journey around the plant with Dilshan aiya and Ishanka aiya, two interns at Siam City Cement who are 3rd year Undergraduates at University of Moratuwa. While making us feel at home with their easy-going nature, they gave us rich and detailed descriptions about the Crushers, Raw Mills, Kiln, Control Room and many more. Lunch was provided to us afterwards.

The session concluded after offering us a valuable and truly amazing opportunity to obtain a hands-on experience at a cement production plant of such calibre. The success of this session was the immense support extended by Mr. Jayantha Perera (Administration Manager at Siam City Cement Ltd.)


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