International Day of Education

UN International Days Jan 24, 2022
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

                        -Malcolm X

Education is the most potent weapon in enduring this enormous world and paving the path for an obvious and bright future. Someone can snatch the invaluable material possessions we have, but our education is that great wealth can never be stolen. A future generation adorned with the golden inscription of education is a valuable resource to the world. Today, January 24th is an outstanding day because it's the International Day of Education.

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January 24th was named the International Day of Education on December 3rd, 2018, by a resolution that the United Nations General Assembly passed. Their main focus of calling such a day for education is to cultivate positive attitudes in the people's minds to learn and accentuate the value of better learning. The first-ever International Day of Education was celebrated in 2019, and we celebrate the 4th year in 2022. To make this year's celebration meaningful, the UN has introduced "Changing course, Transforming Education" as the theme. The main motive of this year's celebration is to revive the education system, which has been hamstrung at a time when all work has slowed down with the corona epidemic, and to revive it with innovative dimensions, adding fresh concepts. The UN hopes to renovate the minds of people who this pandemic situation has mentally broken down.

In that case, the UN conducts various speeches and seminars worldwide to show education's substantial value. When the world is full of uneducated people, the path to growth stops and many problems in society inevitably arise. Therefore, to empower a world, a properly educated and armed force with knowledge is needed.

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Education is the right of all in the world. Let's support the UN's commitment to protect that liberty and ensure that all have equal access to education and a secure future.


Nethmi Wickramarathna

Undergraduate, Faculty of IT, University of Moratuwa

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