IT Solutions Partner - Azend Technologies

Are You Ready May 14, 2022

Rotaract Club of the University of Moratuwa is a club that is always at the forefront of successful events on the University of Moratuwa calendar, with a strong desire to redefine people's spirits. The official job fair of the University of Moratuwa, "Are You Ready?" (RUR'21), is a major event that is annually organized by Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa in collaboration with the University Career Guidance Unit. As the name implies, a career fair is being held for all of the university's final year undergraduates, which is a pool of over 1000 people. As a result, we need strong corporate relationships to make it a reality.

“Are You Ready? 2021” functioned as a venue for final-year undergraduates to be interviewed by prestigious Sri Lankan corporations. Azend Technologies, one of the 60+ firms on board for RUR'21, stole the show when they partnered with us as the Career Fair's IT Solutions Partner. And it’s with immense pleasure that we say, Azend Technologies has played a major role in giving us the correct assistance at the right time and has been a significant benefit to us. We have had an unshakable and intensive collaboration with Rotaract Mora for years up to date.

Azend Technologies is a group of seasoned innovators and technologists with backgrounds in finance, agribusiness, automotive, power solutions, industrial engineering, retail, logistics, and many more. Azend Technologies uses the cutting-edge cloud, IoT, blockchain, and machine learning technologies to help businesses realize their full potential through next-generation digital infrastructure and solutions.

The founding team of Azend Technologies spent more than a decade at the London Stock Exchange's MillenniumIT technology department, where they developed the world's fastest trading platform. They were able to pool over 150 years of experience and domain knowledge in the development of cutting-edge technology solutions in a variety of industries, including finance, agricultural, automotive, power solutions, industrial engineering, retail, logistics, and more.

The foundation of Azend Technologies is the ties they establish with their clients. The strategy is to create digital solutions that go beyond traditional client-supplier interactions and focus on long-term, sustainable collaborations. This enables clients to benefit from the insights provided by the huge amount of subject knowledge we have at our disposal, resulting in clearer decisions and better solutions.

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When it came to our cooperation with Azend Technologies, it was a perfect match that gave both the University of Moratuwa and Azend Technologies a better chance of being more cohesive and successful together. Azend Technologies provides one of the best platforms for future software engineers and professionals in the IT field to demonstrate their performance to the globe, while the University of Moratuwa gives the best graduates to the industry.

Azend Technologies, as the IT solution partner for "Are You Ready? 2021," delivered a session on job opportunities and industry expectations as part of the "career insights" series, which ran concurrently with "Are You Ready? 2021." The series' major goal was to obtain industry knowledge and transform the brightest minds in engineering into the finest versions of themselves.

Azend Technologies has done a fabulous job establishing routes for undergraduates to enter the working world as a keystone on the path to success of Are You Ready? 2021. As a result, Rotaract Mora will be eternally grateful to Azend Technologies for their great support in developing chances and discussing industry expectations with our very own undergraduates of University of Moratuwa.


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