LOGO COMPETITION: A Perfect combo of Colour and Talent

Professional Development May 05, 2016

Rotaract Mora has been lacking an official logo for the club which gave the PR team to boost towards a project to design the official logo for the club. The “Rotaract Mora  –  Logo Competition” was the project  which ran within the University contributing the official logo of Rotaract Mora. The competition was held in two phases as round 1 and round 2.

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Round 1:  The first phase comprised of a general competition among the registered competitors from the University. The registrations were marked before the competition and a meeting for the  participants was  held on 15th March. The purpose of the meeting was to guide the  participants about  the competition and providing them the basic guidelines with the design criteria. Each competitor was given a printed document, comprised of example logos and guidelines. Below are the guidelines provided in the 1st phase.


Preliminary sketches are an important first step in designing an effective logo. These can be as simple as paper and pen drawings or drafts made using a vector program, such as Adobe Illustrator.


Balance is important in logo design because our minds naturally perceive a balanced design as being pleasing and appealing. Keep your logo balanced by keeping the “weight” of the graphics, colors, and size equal on each side.

3.  SIZE

When it comes to logo design, size does matter. A logo has to look good and be legible at all sizes. A logo is not effective if it loses too much definition when scaled down for letterheads, envelopes, and small promotional items. The logo also has to look good when used for larger formats, such as posters, billboards, and electronic formats such as TV and the Web.


Color  theory is complex, but designers need to understand the basics and need to be able to use color  to their advantage. Try using a combination of matching and pleasing  colors but not to use too much  colors which can be hard to see. Color  selection may increase or decrease the quality of the logo and thus need to be very careful.


Choosing the right font type and size is much more difficult than many beginner designers realize. If your logo design includes text, either as part of the logo or in the tagline, you will need to spend time sorting through various font types much often with dozens of them  and testing them in your design  before making a final decision


Designers have the privilege to use any of Adobe® software as your convenience. Any other software you use, need to get confirmed from the judges before start designing.  Additionally, you may have a look at any of the example logos provided with the “Design Bundle” and you can use the  Rotaract District official logo named as “Typer logo”. And you need to make sure that you’re not using any of the materials provided with “Not to use” package. Keep an eye on that too.


Your logo must match all the above mentioned criteria while providing easiness in using for videos  i.e. the logo should contain parts (text and graphics) which are not bound together so that video transitions and animations can be applied to the logo straight forwardly.


At the end when you submit the logos, you need to provide the sketch you made which provides all the information about the logo. The sketch should consist of logo dimensions  (or ratios), spacing ratios, fonts, font sizes, and RGB values of the colors used (if any) along with the design file. (PSD, AI etc.) Round 1 was concluded with 3 selected logos among 7 competitors.

Round 2:  Three selected  participants competed  in round 2 contributing developed versions of their previous logos. Each one was given another guiding document to design the developed logo. Among three developed logos, one winner has been selected who designed the most effective, and clearer logo.

This project managed to help the project hunt out potential candidates to involve in the PR endeavors of the club while also providing them with a platform to showcast their artistic talents.


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