Love you all 3000!

Imprints of Impacts Jun 28, 2022

We come across so many milestones in our lifetime and sometimes these are not things that were really on our minds. Doing Rotaract and being a part of Rotaract Mora family is by no means one of the most beautiful turning points I have ever encountered in my life journey.

I entered the university back in 2020, hoping to have a normal (which was the way it used to be back then :p) lifestyle of a university student, but COVID came out of the blue, ruining my expectations. Rotaract was the one thing that kept me distracted from all the monotonous online stuff. As a part of 'House Ravenclaw' in CAST 4, I had my first opportunity to be a part of this family.

The real deal came out in July, as Bimsara (aka Bimbi) asked me to be a part of the organizing committee of MAESTRO 2020. Since then, I was fortunate enough to be a part of so many projects and be a co-chairperson of three massive projects. My first year at this prestigious club as a general member was spent building many valuable relationships, accumulating fond memories to cherish throughout my life and, in particular, making a profound impact on the community. Even though we had to work really hard to do some of the tasks in these projects and had to spend a number of sleepless nights, the positive feedback we received at the end of those projects had the potential to alleviate that fatigue instantly.

Thereafter, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a part of the Board of Directors as the Co-Director of Club Service Avenue under the presidency of Bimsara ayya. I have never said 'No' to anything throughout my journey in Rotaract Mora and I accepted this challenge as well.

Stepping into a period of time where things tend to become normal again, we as the Club Service team worked hard to create a platform for the members to actively engage in activities that can give a short break from their tedious schedules and develop fellowship. It was really inspiring for us to see the energy of all project chairpersons to bring their A-game and also the dedication of the organizing committee members. It motivated us to do better things and we felt delighted to see how the younger generation of the Rotaract Mora family developed their skills. It would be a great mistake for me not to mention the sheer joy of seeing the members having fun during ‘Mithuru Sulanga’, even in the midst of the drizzle that fell in the evening.

Being appointed as one of the chairpersons for 'Are You Ready? 2021', which is the official career fair of University of Moratuwa, can be considered as one of the toughest but the most amazing opportunities I had in my Rotaract journey. Those few months were truly heartwarming; grooming the undergraduates of the university who were about to enter the industry, creating a platform for them to acquire the knowledge they needed and bringing them closer to the industry.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Just like I mentioned earlier, managing a project of this scale was not easy at all. But knowing that there is a team to back us up really helped me to get out of my comfort zone and go that extra mile. Looking back on that time, I still cannot imagine how they came forward to solve my chaotic problems even in the midst of a thousand of their own work duties. I am forever grateful for all those 'Case එකක් නෑ. ගේමක් ගහමු කොහොමහරි' stuff and I love you all 3000.

So, to sum up a long story short, if someone asks me what are the things that I gained through Rotaract, I have a very simple answer: Experiences, Memories and Friendships. The chances that were created for us and the exposure we had from them are priceless. Because of those opportunities, I have experienced firsthand, how the social skills and professional skills of someone who has joined Rotaract Mora can be honed. Also, even if we meet in another 20 years, I am sure we all have hundreds and thousands stories to talk about for hours. (and probably now you are thinking about your best memory in Rotaract Mora, wink wink!)

The only thing that does not change in this world is change. No matter how much we love it, no matter how close it is to our lives, the day will inevitably come when we will have to give it up. (Even though I have one whole year to work with these beautiful souls, I find it absolutely normal to begin missing this place because these are similar thoughts that I had about a year before the end of school. Maybe I will need a lot of time to adapt to it.)

Let’s get back to the topic but don’t worry, my story is nearing the end :)

Rotaract Mora is just like a vessel that is on a voyage. During this voyage, which began in 1995, many captains set sail in the right direction. A large number of members supported it. Even if we are not involved in the future, Rotaract Mora will successfully continue to sail, making a huge impact, doing much for the community. No doubt we will always look at it with humble pride.

¡Viva la Rotaract Mora!


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