My Inspico Experience - Session at Camso Loadstar Wheel Manufacturing Division

Professional Development Oct 17, 2017

As written by Rtr. Hiranya Panawenna,

As first year undergraduates in the faculty of engineering, INSPICO is a project in which we took part with much enthusiasm and anticipation. Our second semester began right after we chose our fields of specialization. Therefore, getting an industrial exposure to the real world industry, right after stepping into this new avenue, is of great importance for our academic work, as well as our future careers.

INSPICO is a Professional Development project, consisting of a series of Industrial Orientation and Field Visit Sessions at prestigious organizations all over the country, belonging to various fields of engineering. The fifth session of Inspico took us to Camso Loadstar Wheel Manufacturing Division on the 2nd of October, 2017.

As we arrived at the division, the view of the factory from the entrance, along with the deafening sounds and various aromas filled us with curiosity and urged as to explore the engineering wonders within. We were warmly welcomed by Mr. Krishantha Gunewardana (Human Resources Officer), who ushered us to the Training Room. While making us feel at home with his easy going nature, he explained to us about the division and the safety rules we should stick to during the factory visit. Prior to the factory visit, Mr. Kulathilaka Gunasekara (Production Manager) obliged. Through a presentation, he briefed us about the plant profile and different types of wheels manufactured in the factory and then gave us an overview of the production process. Mr. Kulathilaka’s presentation was of great help for us to obtain a good understanding of what we were about to witness at the factory. Lunch was provided to us afterwards.

Next came the much awaited factory visit. Highlighting the importance of safety, Mr. Krishantha provided us with the necessary safety gear. After we were fully equipped, we were guided around the factory by the Senior Mechanical Engineers, Mr. Charitha Liyanagama and Mr. Eranda Dewasinghe. As we moved around from one machine to the other, Mr. Charitha and Mr. Eranda gave us detailed descriptions of the processes taking place and the machinery involved, from the raw materials to the finishing. What we experienced at the division, was truly fascinating and remarkable. The process of turning a simple sheet of steel to a strong, useful wheel is a wonderful thing to witness. The senior engineers also explained to us what the Wheel Manufacturing Division at Camso Loadstar does to make sure that their products have the required quality and the processes to be environmental friendly.

Another bit of wisdom these experienced engineers offered to our group of budding young engineers is the importance of having practical knowledge and experience of operating various types of machinery. They explained to us that even at our first job, we might have to work with technicians who have decades of more experience dealing with the machinery than us. Therefore, Mr. Charitha and Mr. Eranda highlighted the importance of having practical skills and the importance of treating the workers under you with due respect.

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After the visit around the factory, we were offered some light refreshments. Then we were led back to the training room where the two senior engineers made further clarifications to the doubts and questions we had. They also explained to us how the concepts such “S5 Method” and “Lean Method” improves the productivity of any organization and how they have been practically put into use at Camso Loadstar Wheel Manufacturing Division.

Towards the end of the session, Mr. Sanjeewa Hewage  (Plant Director), took time off his busy schedule to share his knowledge and experience with us. He elaborated to us how electrical, electronic and hydraulic engineering technologies are incorporated in the wheel manufacturing division. Furthermore, he explained that the organization is facing the world market and the wheels produced at Camso Loadstar Wheel Manufacturing Division are exported to countries like USA and Canada.

The session of Inspico at Camso Loadstar Wheel Manufacturing Division concluded to be fruitful, informative and fascinating. Our heartiest gratitude goes out to Mr. Yohan Dhanushka (Industrial Trainee – Organizational Development) and all the staff at Camso Loadstar Wheel Manufacturing Division for the support rendered in this endeavor a success.








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