My Inspico Experience - Session at hSenid Mobile Solutions (Pvt) Ltd

Professional Development Oct 03, 2017

As written by Rtr. Hansika Medagedara,

As a pioneer Rotaract Club in Sri Lanka, Rotaract Mora continuously review and adjust our projects to suit the needs of the society as well as our own members. In the avenue of Professional Development, we focus on what we can do to help our members become outstanding professionals in the future.

The attributes of a graduate demanded by the industry are determined not only by the academics of the University, but also by the key people in the respective fields. Therefore, the need for the undergraduates to be exposed to the industry just as they choose their field of specialization arose.

This is where “InsImage result for hsenid solutions sri lankapico” comes into play. Inspico organized several Field Visits and Industrial Orientation Sessions for the first year undergraduates, after choosing their career path, to gain the exposure and an overall understanding about their field of choice and also about future career opportunities that are awaiting them.

The third session of  ”Inspico  2017”, was successfully completed on the 6th of September 2017 at hSenid Mobile Solutions. This time our  team of participants consisted not only of undergraduates of our University but also of Rtr. Sashitha Fernando who eagerly joined us from the Rotaract Club of Colombo West.

At the beginning of the event, our team was welcomed to the premises by Ms. Dimithri Bandara (HR Executive) who immediately made us feel at home with her warm and friendly nature.  The first presentation was an Introduction to the Company as well as the New Trends in Telecommunication conducted by Mr. Amith 20170906_145914Lokugamage (Senior Business Solutions Engineer). This was followed by a presentation on IT and its Career Path by Ms. Wibodha Ambeygoda (Head of Operations). Both the sessions were very informative and helped us to get a good understand of the industry and its demands. These sessions were followed by refreshments. Afterwards, our team was educated on ‘Presentation Skills’ by Ms.Dulika Ukwattage (Project Manager). Through this, we got a thorough understanding of how to do a successful and effective presentation.  An icebreaker titled “How sharp are you?” followed the presentation, where we answered some interesting brain teasers.  Then, Ms. Nishani  Ganegoda (Human Resources Manager)took over the next session which was on Stress Management. This was indeed very useful for us to understand what causes stress and what we can do to reduce it.  Lunch was provided to the team afterwards. After lunch, a session oIMG-20170906-WA0001n the ‘Future Engineer’s role in cloud’ was conducted by Mr.Chirantha Pitigala (Manager-Implementation) which was indeed helpful for the Rotaractors to gain valuable knowledge, which no doubt will add a great value to their future studies.  A session on ‘Systems Engineering’ followed which was conducted by Mr. Manuja Jayamanne (Lead Systems Engineer), where our team further extended their knowledge about a new avenue in which we can tread in the future.

With that ended yet another successful endeavor of “Inspico  2017”. We would like to thank Ms. Nishani Ganegoda and the staff at hSenid Mobile for the immense support extended to us.


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