Mysterious Delights of MonsterMash 2.0: A Ghostly Tale of the NUN

Imprints of Impacts Nov 17, 2023

On the day after MonsterMash 2.0, I found a letter written by NUN. Even though the blog was not written by me, my name is mentioned to give me the credit for finding the letter. Here’s what the letter said.

“Amidst the eerie whispers of the night, a certain wandering soul clad in her signature habit found herself drawn to the captivating enigma that was MonsterMash 2.0 at the University of Moratuwa. Yes, it was I, the Nun, wandering through the mortal realm, intrigued by the ethereal energy surrounding this otherworldly Halloween extravaganza.

Having recently retired from my stint in the latest spine-chilling movie, news of this hair-raising affair piqued my spectral curiosity. Ghostly whispers drifted through the corridors, heralding an imminent night of spooktacular revelry. The vibrant posters of ghostly allure that adorned every corner of the university were the heralds of the impending night of frightful fun.

As the days crept closer to the fateful event, I, in my ethereal form, couldn't resist floating through the campus. The dedicated members of the Rotaract club were tirelessly conjuring an enchanting spell of decorations in the Old Gym. It was not all work and no play, for I haunted the bustling 'Sentra Court,' sending shivers down the spines of unsuspecting students, some petrified, others daring to capture the moment with a spine-chilling selfie.

In my spectral wanderings, I chanced upon the comforting ambiance of the 'L Canteen,' where a kind soul served me a revitalizing milk packet, reinvigorating my ethereal essence and infusing me with renewed energy to float through the campus, immersing myself in the vibrant energy of the students.

Yet, the tides of misfortune threatened to dampen the festivities as news of the Deputy Vice Chancellor's decision to cancel the spine-tingling musical extravaganza spread like a haunting mist. Frustration coursed through my incorporeal being, yet I chose the path of restraint, aware of the chaos my wrath could unleash.

As the night fell, the air thickened with anticipation. Dressed in their most frightful attire, students flocked to the Old Gym, their faces adorned with macabre artistry. Together, we delved into the world of shadows, indulging in a spine-chilling movie that left more than a few trembling at the sight of my habit-clad presence.
The storm outside mirrored the thunderous beats within as attendees unleashed their dance moves under the flickering lights. My spectral form, emboldened by the lively atmosphere, found solace in the rhythmic beats, swaying alongside the living, absorbing their energy, and becoming one with their ghoulish revelry.

Amidst the haunting melodies, I drifted to the 'Goda Uda Canteen' to replenish my spectral energies with yet another milk packet. Fueled by the elixir of life, I ventured to the mysterious depths of the university, stumbling upon students practicing their otherworldly dance moves. Eager to partake in the spectral joy, I joined their macabre choreography, exchanging eerie steps and sharing spectral laughter. However, the afternoon had earlier witnessed my spectral form indulging in a chilling workout session at the gym, its walls echoing with the ghostly sound of my weights clanking and echoes of spectral determination reverberating through the corridors.

The night wore on, echoes of laughter and ghostly tales intertwining with the beats of the impromptu 'DJ,' Sarindu. A thrilling display of spectral talents filled the room, culminating in a dance performance that sent ripples of excitement through the gathered souls. With the crowd's cheers reverberating in my being, I reveled in the warmth of their jubilation, cherishing the shared memories that transcended the realms.

As the first light of dawn pierced the darkness, I, the Nun, silently retreated, leaving behind an ethereal aura, a testament to the spectral unity that enveloped MonsterMash 2.0. With the promise of future gatherings lingering in the air, I vanished into the shadows, my spectral heart brimming with the anticipation of yet another hauntingly delightful experience in the years to come.”

After reading this, it seems to me that she might have been a good writer before dying.


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