Open Day 2019 - A New Beginning

Club Service Dec 28, 2019

As written by Rtr. Jayami Alwis,

Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa is one of the biggest and popular clubs in the district. As there are new students and curious people who would like to know about what is happening in this amazing club, members of RotaractMora decided to have an open day, to make aware of what Rotaract Mora is and the interesting projects conducted by the club. The open day event took place in the Sentra Court at the university premises on the 3rd and 4th of December with the active participation of club directors to share the knowledge they possess, by welcoming a great number of students who were enthusiastic and eager to discover about Rotaract.

Having intentions of membership development, it was ventured in the common open place of all the students which definitely might have become the key topic for the name of the day. The open day consisted of delivering presentations and guides about the projects that have been completed, the events and activities currently being conducted, giving an idea about the main four avenues by which the projects are being categorized, and also with sharing the knowledge of that of editors. The director’s efforts on giving their maximum outcome were yet outstanding and remarkable as there were numerous rounds of individual consultations.

While a lot of introductory sessions were happening, video clips of the successful projects witnessed by the students and music followed, added the promotional value to the event throughout the day to make sure the message is being conveyed to those who still haven’t got the chance to find out how amazing one club can be. Consultation of relevant directors in the clubs was enjoyable enough for the young undergraduates to find new connections and get to know new faces as it proved the amount of success it already has achieved. 

At last for those who have actively participated, the club arrangements of providing free tickets for the Halloween party took place which gave an added value to the event. Finally the two day program which held with a lot of contribution concluded in a winning note inspiring and aspiring many young undergraduates to hold hands for a fun-filled journey ahead.

As we, RotaractMora, expect that those who participated were able to gain new knowledge and experience some great moments of life, also hope you to join with our club and discover the long journey ahead! Viva La Rotaract!


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