Perfecting the steppingstones towards your dream career - Heads Up

Professional Development Nov 11, 2019

As written by Rtr. Kavishka Gunaratne

Your career should portray your passion in life. Doing what you love and loving what you do is the ideal mantra towards a life of success and content. Securing a career of one’s choice allows him the luxury of a work life sans complaints. There is never a dull moment in doing what you enjoy and know you do best and nothing more satisfying and rewarding than having the opportunity to do just that.

The path leading to one’s dream profession requires jumping the initial hurdles of impressing his potential employers. Producing a résumé encapsulating the essence of your potential as a fitting future employee and acing your interview in a manner that projects the best version of yourself to your recruiters is the key in ensuring your best shot at scoring the career of your choice.

‘Heads Up’, one of the six preparatory sessions aimed at fueling the extraordinary undergraduates of the University of Moratuwa on the lookout for their spot among professionals in the corporate world, was organized for the first time in the history of ‘Are You Ready?’, on the 14th of October 2019 at the university’s Civil Auditorium. The event brought together undergraduates of the university and experts of the industry for the sharing of tips and tricks on how to build an exceptional CV and face an interview with ultimate confidence.

The day’s first session was conducted by Mrs. Ayona Hettiarachchi, Recruiter at McKinsey & Company, and was focused on CV writing and interview facing. The session proved to be immensely informative and all participants were able to gain an extensive knowledge on the dos and don’ts in preparing a CV and tips on creating an impact by projecting an aura of confidence and ambitiousness during one’s interview. The next session involved introducing case interviews, an all-new trend in interviews conducted by many companies all around the world. Led by Mrs. Khant Khant Kyaw, Consultant at McKinsey & Company and Mr. Harindu Nanayakkara, Associate at McKinsey & Company, the interactive session involved providing the session participants a hands-on experience of what it is like to face a case study and develop the mindset to come up with creative and appropriate solutions to issues presented in a case.

All-in-all, the event proved to be a massive success in the eyes of all those who attended. ‘Heads Up’ is sure to continue its legacy for years to come; empowering individuals with the knowledge, skills and potential to grow, by providing them with the tools to ensure that they are able to seize their chance at taking on what they are passionate about as part of their career.

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