MAESTRO Platinum Partner : Commercial Bank

Professional Development Jan 19, 2022
Working together always works together better

-Chris Pine-

Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa has always strived to “Redefine the Spirit of Lives”. This is only made possible with the helping hands of business corporations who are aiming to make a difference in society. The Commercial Bank of Ceylon has become one such prestigious corporate partner of Rotaract Mora to work together and create a positive impact on society.

Commercial bank of Ceylon is a private bank with unparalleled growth and achievement and has made a distinctive mark in the Sri Lankan banking industry. Standing out in the industry due to their superlative service and technological superiority, they were able to establish overseas operations in countries like Maldives, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. They provide a range of customer-friendly services and state of the art Digital banking solutions.

Even with a rich history of 100 years, the Commercial Bank of Ceylon has always connected with the youth, contributing towards empowering them. Their newest addition to drawing a parallel with the energetic youth is the Vibe Youth Savings account; an account specifically designed for the needs of youth with customized benefits which can be opened with just Rs. 1000 as an initial deposit.

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In addition to that, they also contribute to the betterment of society through CSR activities, and initiatives. Supporting education is the key initiative of the Bank’s CSR Trust. In addition to focusing on societal betterment, Commercial bank also empowers the youth generation by partnering up with youth events. As a move towards their commitment to the youth, the Commercial Bank of Ceylon has partnered up with us as a corporate partner of the club for the Rotaract year 2021-22. It is with much delight that we share the story of MAESTRO 2021 that we started penning down along with the contribution of the Commercial Bank of Ceylon.

MAESTRO 2021 is a business case study competition organized by Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa to empower the business enthusiastic undergraduates. This time, MAESTRO came to the spotlight for the 4th consecutive year opening its gates for undergraduates from around the world. Under the guidance and supervision of industry experts along with the lecturers from the Faculty of Business University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Management and Finance University of Colombo, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce University of Sri Jayewardenepura, MAESTRO assured to deliver a prime class business case experience to all its participants. The competition was carried out under 3 phases, where for the initial round 150 contestants representing Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and Gayana went head to head tackling a business case study. Each phase was a new learning experience for all the contestants where four top-notch teams were selected to the Grand Finale of the competition.

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As the Platinum partner of MAESTRO, Commercial Bank of Ceylon was invited to witness every stage of MAESTRO 2021 where they aspired to identify the talents of young personalities who are ready to step into the world of business. Their involvement throughout the competition is highly appreciated by Rotaract Mora for committing to make ‘MAESTRO’, a success for the fourth consecutive year. Because of the solid financial backing we received from Commercial Bank, Rotaract Mora was able to distribute cash prizes to all the winners of MAESTRO 2021 as an aid to pursue their academic activities.

Being a key pillar behind the success story of MAESTRO 2021, Commercial Bank has undoubtedly committed to lighting up the path of another set of youth not only in Sri Lanka but from around the world. Thus, Rotaract Mora is forever indebted to the Commercial Bank of Ceylon for their generous support and backing rendered for us to keep steps forward with no fallback. Today, we conclude the story of MAESTRO 2021 on a higher note, counting for more sustainable partnerships with the Commercial Bank of Ceylon in the years to come!


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