Prepare for a Digital Future 2.0

Imprints of Impacts Nov 16, 2021
Hi folks, Welcome again! To the second part of the "Prepare for a Digital Future" blog. If you didn't read it yet, here is the link. I suggest you go through it before getting lost in this one.

Provided by Prepare for a Digital Future - IT Avenue of RotaractMora

Let's start over shall we?! Now you know, as RotaractMora how we improved digital infrastructure last year. Now I want you to get through the rest of the platforms of ours.


At the beginning of the year, with the guidance of our beloved president Rtr. Samila Imbulana, we were able to release our brand new membership tracking platform. LinkR is a concept of our past presidents, past BoD and past club members, but we gave it a new face this time. Not to forget, there are two beautiful souls to be mentioned here, our Past President Rtr. Dhanuka Perera and Co-Director IT in 2019-20, Rtr. Avarjana Panditha who gave us constant support while developing this platform. Rtr. Avarjana is the first developer of this platform actually, and I put my hand on this afterwards.

Manusath Handa Contributors Portal

Manusath Handa Contributors Portal is a supporting platform made upon for the sake of the project to simplify the audio record collecting process. This can be identified as one hell of a platform that made Manusath Handa co-chairpersons' day so much easier! The wow factor of this platform is that it was made within less than a month.

Status Page

With the security breach that we had in our servers, the need of knowing "how much time server was down?" occurred. That purpose leads us to create this platform which reflects the status of the server and status history also. This platform was built using Cloudflare Workers, which can be used for automated tasks.

Not only these, there are numerous platforms, but I only chose some special platforms to point out. And all the platforms that we've built so far are listed out here. You can check them out and give your ideas and feedbacks (if have any 😉).

One final suggestion from me. As I always say, Rotaract is a platform to test you all skills, to test things out. Because there is no one who blames you and because you can learn from mistakes if you make any. But once you are in the industry, a single mistake can hugely impact your career life, character, or anything else. So use this platform and the opportunity, Rotaract, to test things while serving the community.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Alan Kay


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