"Procure your dream job. Do justice to your potential." - Flagship Day 2018

Professional Development Jan 01, 2019

As told by Rtr. Kasuni Wanninayake

Are You Ready? 2018, the official career fair of the University of Moratuwa, was successfully culminated with the prime event of all the sessions, Flagship Day. It was held excellently on the 9th of November with the participation of more than 50 leading companies in the dynamic corporate world. The grand opening ceremony was held with the presence of distinguished guests and the corporates. After the keynote address by the Chief Guest, the Chancellor of University of Moratuwa, Vidya Jothi Prof. K. K. Y. W. Perera, tokens of appreciation were awarded to the event sponsors who smooth bedded this grand event in front of the live audience.  

Ensuingly, the day was then followed up by the conduction of interviews for the undergraduates in order to enhance their personality skills and mainly to make them land on their dream job. Interviews were conducted to recruit the young university undergraduates who are with sound knowledge of theoretical aspects along with the innovative ideas and also to provide them with an exposure to the highly specific and dynamic job world. Also, the evaluations of the performance level were provided and they were given chances to mingle with the company representatives to get an idea of the job field they are entering into. These sessions also dealt with the aspects of enhancing the skills of the undergraduates and platformed the interviewees with confidence and capacity to climb higher in their career ladders. Eminently, this day paved the path for the final year students to brand their image not only as starters but also as successors.

The latter part of the day was allocated for awarding the tokens of appreciation for the participated companies and collecting their valued feedback to the future success of the event. Prior to freezing my pen, I must affirm that the Flagship Day became the cynosure of the series of Are You Ready? 2018 events marking a plot for the university undergraduates to showcase their true potential as proficient career leaders in imminent future.

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