Club Service Jul 05, 2015

As the first project of the Rotaract year 2015/16, “Refraction 2015” was held on 5th of July from 1.00pm onwards at the university premises. Refraction 2015 was considered as a project of Club Service Avenue and this project was mainly focused on a treasure hunt. The main purpose of organizing this kind of project was to give an idea about the club to the newbies who were willing to become a part of Rotaract Mora. Not only that but also this managed to enhance the bond between the members of Rotaract Mora family.

In this project there were two major events. The first event was the outdoor gaming event. Participants had to complete several funny challenges in order to find the clues for the treasure hunt. After completing five different challenges they had to solve a particular secret message to find the information. Then the final round of the treasure hunt was started and all participants headed to the boat yard within the university and tried to find the key for treasure. After three or four successful attempts they were able to find the key and complete the whole outdoor gaming event.

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After that treasure hunt there were some indoor games. Paper dressing was one of the funniest games among them and it was all about changing a girl to boy and a boy to girl using papers. After those funny games, newly elected President , Rtr. Amitha Dissanayaka gave some brief description about Rotaract Mora to the newbies. As the last part of the whole “Refraction” event, dinner was provided to all participants.

“Refraction 2015” project was chaired by Rtr. Chiranthana Costa and Rtr. Pasindu Senanayake and the whole event was planned by the committee comprised of Rotaractors from level 1. Rtr. Amindha Jayasena, Rtr. Nuwan Tharaka, Rtr. Viraj Salaka, Rtr. Hansika Sandeepani, Rtr. Sakila Sandeepani, Rtr. Lasindu Hewawasam, Rtr. Sudaraka Jayathilaka were the committee members of this project and Rtr. Tharuka Dilshaan and Rtr. Bhanuka Abegoonawaradana put their maximum effort as Directors of Club Service Avenue to make this event a success. Somehow with participation of more than one hundred participants (Undergraduates) “Refraction 2015 – The Treasure Hunt” was concluded successfully.


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