Professional Development Dec 07, 2015

resumeAs told by Rtr. Ashen Shanuka

Probably the most prominent annual event on the university calendar, ‘Are You Ready?’ the Official Careers Fair of the University, kicked started for the 20th consecutive time with its second session, The Resume. The series of sessions that makes up this massive event is organized by the Career Guidance Unit in collaboration with Rotaract Mora and serves as a platform to create an opportunity for the undergraduates to meet professionals from all over the country.

‘The Resume’, the first among the six sessions that make up ‘Are You Ready?’. The session was held on the 7th of December at the Civil Auditorium with the participation of over 400 undergraduates. The objective of The Resume was the offering of proficiency on the preparation of the most important piece, the CV, to enter in to the world of employment. The session was sponsored by Millenium IT and was conducted by the Human Resource Division of Millenium IT.

The Resume focused on imparting useful tips on how to prepare a killer CV and exploit social media to one’s full benefit in the arena of employment. The participants were also given the opportunity to get their own CVs cheked and corrected before the session via email. ‘Upstream’, our volunteer partner, helped in this regard. The Resume concluded successfully having achieved all its objectives and having won much acknowledgement from its participants . The session was co-chaired by Rtr. Ashen Shanuka and Rtr. Hiranya Kuruppu.













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