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Professional Development Jan 25, 2021

The education system makes an individual ready to take over the responsibility of the country, but polishing them, so that they are 100% ready for the corporate world, is a loophole in the system. Addressing the need to polish our very own undergraduates, we at Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa brought up the concept “Are You Ready?”.

The largest Career Fair of the university calendar, Are You Ready? comes up as an all in one package for the undergraduates. Resume Centre is a subproject of Are You Ready?, which is a guide to creating a proper CV, helping undergraduates to have a smart first impression on their recruiters. A corporate world thriving for smart individuals is hugely competitive for those who are to join the parade. That’s why having a great CV becomes crucial, not optional. Resume Centre was driven by the sole purpose of enabling the final year undergraduates at our university to receive personalised feedback on their CVs. To make the most out of the venture, we coordinated the final year undergraduates with HR specialists from the industry, assuring that they receive the best guidance to polish their CVs.

Are You Ready? 2020 which happened for the 25th time in the history of Rotaract Mora, took a turning point this year, due to the prevailing situation in the country; COVID-19. It was the same for the Resume Centre. So going digital was the only solution we were left with. Fighting against the running time, on the 9th of November we opened a portal for undergraduates to submit their CVs. It was crucial to raise awareness among the final year undergraduates about the Resume Centre. So we had our very own Rotractors as the backbone of the whole journey to coordinate the batch representatives covering all the departments in the university. All their hard work was fruitful at the end with the submission of 760+ CVs by the 18th of November. After sorting all the received CVs, they were sent to our HR specialist from John Keells Holdings and London Stock Exchange Group for their review. Then came the most important phase of the Resume Centre; coordinating undergraduates with the HR specialists for one-on-one feedback sessions on their CVs. The sessions were held across Microsoft Teams allowing all the 760+ undergraduates to get personalised feedback on their very own CVs.

It is with great pleasure and humble pride we say that everything flowed smoothly; delivering the best to our own final year undergraduates amidst the situation in the country. Especially in a time where going digital is the new normal, the journey would have never made it to a smooth end like this if not for our partners. So we at Rotaract Mora are indebted to our partners; John Keells Holdings and London Stock Exchange Group who have been a constant source of support throughout the journey of the Resume Centre. And most importantly, the dream of delivering the best Resume Centre experience in line with the Silver Jubilee celebrations came true as a result of our own Rotaractors who worked day and night despite their busy academic schedules.

Resume Centre, where we guarantee a smart first impression for our undergraduates as they take their first step up the corporate ladder, marked the end of another chapter on the 27th of November, creating a massive impact on the university’s undergraduate community. This is not the end, and there are many more chapters to be written under “Resume Centre” in the upcoming years. Await a new chapter with a fresh account.


Uvini Ranaweera

Living like a cookie 🍪 , balancing the chocolate chips; my passion for bits of knowledge, travelling, food and chit chats 💕

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