Reviving the Past, Embracing the Future: Rotaract Mora's 28th Installation Ceremony

Imprints of Impacts Jan 13, 2024

The clock's rhythmic heartbeat is inevitable. We all have to go through yesterday, today, and the yet-to-be. It is indeed a delicate choreography of sunrises and sunsets. It keeps moving on. Yet, it leaves traces of memories in its wake. Each fleeting second, a stroke on the canvas of our lives, paints a story of beginnings and farewells. Between the two, beginnings are invariably special for it is after beginnings you get the opportunity to leave your mark. The 28th Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Mora was one such significant beginning.

It is the Board of Officials that is entrusted with the responsibility of steering the ship of Rotaract Mora. With a tenure lasting just one year, this collective of dedicated individuals gracefully embraces the esteemed responsibility. Ever-renewing leadership, as we all know, is blended with fresh perspectives. The passing of the baton from one set of capable hands to the next marks not only a transition in authority but also the constant rejuvenation of ideas. Hence, as each chapter of leadership unfolds, an indelible mark is left on the journey of the organization.

The 28th Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Mora marked its commencement as the curtains rose at the Rubert Peiris Auditorium of the University of Moratuwa on the evening of September 24th. It was as if it were in the movies; the stage was adorned with dedication, the audience was filled with eagerness, and as the cynosure, Rtr. Yasiru Athugaldura, the newly appointed president, was ready to lead the club into a new chapter. The theme, ‘Reviving the Past, Embracing the Future,’ set the tone for an evening that is etched in the club's history in letters of gold.

The hall buzzed with esteemed guests, including Chief Guest Rtn. Brian Selvanayagam, and Guest of Honour, Dr. Ranga Rodrigo. The energy was contagious, reflecting the spirit of Rotaract Mora. The outgoing club secretary, Rtr. Malintha Fernando, took everyone down memory lane with his report, showcasing the club's remarkable achievements during the Rotary International year 2022–23. Rtr. Charithma Hettiarachchi, the outgoing president, bid farewell and passed the torch to the incoming Board of Officials. Their invaluable contributions were the cornerstone of the club's reputation. Hence, a warm farewell was extended to both of them and the outgoing Board of Officials as a whole.

The moment everyone awaited was the installation of Rtr. Yasiru Athugaldura, the new president. As it took place, the hall was overwhelmed by an applause of cheer, and joy. Afterward, the installation of the Board of Officials took place. It symbolized reinforcing the club's commitment to its mission. As the night unfolded, the atmosphere became a melting pot of gratitude, inspiration, and celebration.

In the end, it was not merely a ceremony; it was a reflection of past achievements and a beckoning to an exciting future. And so, with hearts full of gratitude and eyes set on what is ahead of us, we stepped into the next chapter of Rotaract Mora's legacy. Nevertheless, it is now in the process of showcasing what its Board of Officials is capable of doing.

On a personal note, the 28th Installation Ceremony of Rotaract Mora holds a special place in my heart owing to the fact that I happened to be one of the chairpersons of the event alongside Rtr. Nawoda Thathsarani and Rtr. Theekshana Perera. It is customary for the newly-appointed Board of Officials to be the organizing committee of the Installation Ceremony. Consequently, I happened to be a chairperson.

From the time of the inception of this responsibility, the journey has been interesting and enjoyable. The intricate planning and coordination that we went through, weeks of preparation, and collaborative efforts were all part of bringing this celebration to life. And indeed, it has been both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

For the time I was involved in this, witnessing the vibrant execution of the ceremony was my ultimate delight. From the initial stages of conceptualizing the ceremony to the final moments of the event, each step felt like a brushstroke contributing to a larger canvas of experiences. The Installation Ceremony was not just an event; it was a narrative woven with threads of commitment, enthusiasm, and the spirit of service that defines Rotaract Mora.

The sense of pride in contributing to the legacy of Rotaract Mora is overwhelming, and I am deeply honored to have been entrusted with this responsibility. The opportunity to work alongside a passionate team, each member driven by a shared vision, has been an invaluable experience that transcends the boundaries of a mere role.

With gratitude in our hearts and excitement for the unknown, we step into the future, fueled by the spirit of Rotaract. Cheers to the journey, the bonds, and the endless adventures awaiting us! The flame of service burns brighter than ever—here's to Rotaract Mora!


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