"Stay in peace, make it green..."

Environment Aug 21, 2021
Man is a gift of nature. Green is the colour which gives us different kinds of peace to our mind. When the softness of grass is felt on the legs, the sound of a bird is heard in the ears and the colourful fruits catch the eye, you will feel like you are being dragged to heaven. Even when it came into my mind, my mind is floating lightly in the sky.

Now you are trapped in the house because of the Covid pandemic. I think there is no need to tell how stressed you must be without being able to hang out with friends and not even step out of the house. Yeah, it's boring to stay at home and repeating the same schedule every day surrounded by electronic devices.

You might be also wondering about how we can achieve a greeny place while living in a limited space. But why don't you even give it a try? You don't need a large plot of land to fill your life with greeny leaves. Just put yourself up to do something incredible!


Starting something unfamiliar is very difficult and even harder to maintain. When the little plants grow little by little, and when you harvest the fruit from your own trees, you will find more satisfaction than buying something from the store. You can be proud of yourself by thinking that you can assure your food requirements on your own.

Just awake the creativity within you. Then incredibly amazing ideas will flow into your mind. Think different and make it happen.

It's about #gardening_vibes...


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