Are You Ready? 2021 Technology Partner: The AI Team

Sustainable Collaborations Apr 29, 2022

With numerous selfless services, which are mainly focused on uplifting others’ spirits, Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa always takes a step forth in carrying out multiple initiatives. Are You Ready 2021, one of the most prominent landmarks in the university calendar, is the official career fair of the university organized by the Career Guidance Unit of the university and Rotaract Mora.  Moving with the global pandemic, Rotaract Mora made the stage ready for a virtual career fair for the second consecutive year.

With everything planned to go virtual, a solid platform to serve as the hub of the career fair became the most crucial thing this year. Thus, keeping one extra step, Rotaract Mora once again partnered with The AI Team as the Technology Partner of Are You Ready 2021.

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The AI Team comprises a set of young individuals driven by a strong passion for Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Research fields. Their like-minded taste for trending tech applications makes them the best to seek advice to deliver high-quality solutions for emerging technological needs. Owing to a growing network of talent within the company, The AI Team currently carries out projects with clients in Canada, Spain, and Sri Lanka. Further to be specific on the pool of talent, The AI Team holds, within the team, you can find energetic individuals who specialize in various fields such as UI/UX, Software development, Artificial Intelligence, and Programming. These people securing many awards and recognitions in the tech field proves that The AI Team is growing daily, grabbing the latest tech trends.

The AI Team, which already excels in delivering the best solution to its customers, has never stepped back in serving the community with the best. Thus, getting together with Rotaract Mora to put up the Are You Ready platform is a prime mark to showcase their commitment towards the community. When it comes to Are You Ready 2021, the heart of the career fair is our platform to connect undergraduates with recruiters. If not for the solid platform we had, the 800  plus virtual interviews we carried out would never be possible.

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It was one of the best times of working together and achieving success together for both the University of Moratuwa like in previous years, and “The AI Team” because the University of Moratuwa will produce the best professionals to the entire world, and “The AI team” facilitated these undergraduates to connect with the corporates and share their stories. As the technology partner for Are You Ready? 2021, The AI Team has contributed to the event’s success, addressing all the tech issues of the platform and delivering beyond boundaries upgrades to the platform.

The AI Team, of course, is a prime example for all the emerging businesses in Sri Lanka.  Their commitment to delivering the best to their customers is always admirable. We wish The AI Team all the best for all the upcoming good deeds!

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