"The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory." - Rotaract Champions League 2019

Club Service Feb 26, 2019

As told by Rtr. Ruwini Gamarachchi

“An individual can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle.”

However, in order to gather up as a team, they must have fellowship and understanding between each other. This is the base of the event Rotaract Champions League, which is organized annually by Rotaract District 3220. Rotaract Champions League 2019 was held on 2nd, 9th and 10th of February 2019 at Royal College Sports Complex and University of Colombo grounds.

This year, 1200 participants from 57 Rotaract Clubs from all over Sri Lanka participated in this event. These Rotaractors got the chance to take part in games such as Badminton, Table Tennis, Carom, Chess and Futsal throughout the three days. Different Rotaract Clubs were privileged to host the above-mentioned games, and Rotaract Mora hosted Table Tennis jointly with Rotaract Club of KDU and Rotaract Club of University of Peradeniya. It was exciting to organize such an event and we’re extremely honoured.

Throughout the three days, everyone was cheerful and enthusiastic about this event even though they were smouldered by the sun. It’s indeed once in a lifetime experience, which I can cherish throughout my lifetime.

Around 40 members from Rotaract Mora participated in this event. Our Rotaractors were able to emerge runners up at men’s futsal and women’s cricket. At the end of Rotaract Champions League, Rotaract Club of Excellence emerged champions with 1483 points while Rotaract Mora was able to secure 8th place out of 57 Rotaract Clubs from all around Sri Lanka.

Within these three days, what made me inspired was how hard participants fought until the end of the game even when they had completely lost the hope of winning the game. In my point of view, these kinds of events will definitely make the path to create a real dedicated Rotaractor.

We might not be able to win all the games which we participated as a club, but at the end of the day, we were able to win the hearts of the fellow Rotaractors of other clubs and make lifelong friendships. Hence, it has succeeded in achieving the ultimate goal of RCL. In addition to that, it’s the same reason why this is an unforgettable event in my life. Last but not least, I’d like to congratulate all the participants before keeping my pen down.

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Hiranya Panawenna

Enjoys reading, listening to music and watching movies. Friendly and loves to make new friends. Always ready to help people in need.

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