The People I Love

Imprints of Impacts Oct 19, 2021
This will be based on an amazing project that I was a part of, SLRMUN. But, I will be sharing my experience around the crew rather than the project. I had worked with many people in the university as an undergraduate; But till now, never did I find a bunch of people more fascinating than them. The project gave me many friends, and nearly got me into an eternal lifelong relationship! Undoubtedly, I experienced a wonderful time with these beautiful souls. Never knew that I’d get to turn these thoughts into words, but thanks to my dear Nethma, here we go...

Well, first things first. Let me introduce you to the “Rotaract Ladies''. On the final day, some of us met at my home before leaving for the venue. Among all the boys of the committee, there were these two gorgeous girls from the faculty of IT. Too gorgeous that my mother even wanted one of them to be her daughter-in-law! One thing our university is known for is the less attractiveness of our ladies. They say we don’t have pretty girls at the University of Moratuwa. But by the end of the project, it was clear to me that it wasn’t a valid point. I think this can be a good motivation for anyone who’s planning on join Rotaract too. Other than being very cute, and motivating the gents, the hard work of these ladies was exceptional.

Overall the whole committee was jolly and full of jokes. Actually, we had this one rugby dude who was very serious about everything but by the end of the project, others managed to drag him into the party too. Then there was this person who hired a car and rode all the way from the other end of the country. We took his car away for a project matter and managed to crack the perfect prank on him by telling him that we crashed his car on the way. He freaked out like hell but it was a necessary joke to energize the day.

We were a group who you would call “will go against the tide”. If we felt like doing something of a whole new level, we did it. Let me bring you just one example. A common practice when it comes to MUN is handing over “fancy gavels” to the conference chairs. We brought up a new tradition of handing “fancy gavels” to the whole committee! Thanks for that, now each of us has a perfect souvenir to flash ourselves back.

The day was memorable. The people were amazing. Because of them, I laughed a little harder, cried a little less, and smiled a lot more. We will never be apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart. I am really hoping to see this wonderful crew once again as soon as possible.


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