The Transformation

Imprints of Impacts Feb 12, 2023

"Rotaract Mora" is a family of harmony, unity, happiness and many more. Last year, 2022 was a turning point in our family. After a hiatus of two years with the gradual disappearance of the pandemic situation in the country, our projects were transformed from virtual to physical. Thus 2022 was indeed a crucial transformational year for us who did almost all academic and Rotaract projects virtually for nearly one and a half years.

With the commencement of the new RI year in July, our club officially started off the necessary work to guide the club toward a new direction with a brand new member base and newly appointed board of directors. From the beginning of this year, our intention was to organize as many physical projects as possible. We also wanted to deliver a qualitative impact on society and give our members a variety of new experiences.

With such new expectations, we executed our new plan, but it was not as easy as we thought because we had to face many unexpected challenges and difficulties. Since university life started physically, it was quite challenging for our members to balance Rotaract with academics because it was indeed a novel hands-on experience for them. However, our members easily overcame such challenges skilfully in a short period of time and adapted to the new pattern. As a result, we were able to organize multiple events at our university as well as in the outside world. Those events provided many wonderful, valuable and unique experiences to our fellow Rotaractors, university students, as well as the general public.

Over time, our university's first-year students who joined Rotaract Mora at the beginning of 2022 also adapted very well to the Rotaract culture, again ensuring that a bright future awaits our club in the years to come.

Not only from the club's perspective, but we found out that our newbies have shaped their personalities smartly during the first few months. Their leadership qualities, communication skills, organizational skills, public relations skills and other professional skills have been improved to a whole new level. Meanwhile, they have completed numerous projects that are positively impactful to society. They are also contributing as I write this to many such ongoing projects.

Another unique point is the number of joint projects we launched this year. So far, we have successfully completed several projects by joining other Rotaract clubs and some such projects are scheduled to be completed before the end of this year.

These kinds of joint projects gave our members the opportunity to gain many unique experiences. Exposing them and working with them, made us realize that there were some different vibes between other Rotaract clubs, but that was never an issue because all of us broke the ice, interacted with one another, and worked as one family towards fulfilling our goals. During that process, we learned numerous lessons and created a solid foundation for such projects in the future.

Thus far we have come on this journey by surpassing many hurdles to help one another and create a positive impact on society. We feel that we were and will be a part of a generation that contributes to fulfilling our responsibilities as human beings and the youth of Sri Lanka.


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