This Has Become My Second Family…

Imprints of Impacts Aug 03, 2021
Everyone does not get a chance to help others. Everyone cannot put a smile on others' faces. However, through Rotaract, I have seen how a bunch of energetic young undergraduates spent their time, efforts, and knowledge to draw a smile to others' faces. That was the very first thing saw in Rotaract Mora. I think that made my heart enlighten.

Being a Rotaractor was not something I had in my mind at all. Thanks to the unexpected new normal I was able to find out more and more interesting stuff about Rotaract. The first impression does matter for me as well. The very first project I have seen through Rotaract was Revelation 19.0. It showed me what Rotaract is, and my first impression was “Oh wow! This is incredible.” Even though I have been fanatical with the Community services avenue.

I have started my Rotaract journey as a content writer for the project “Manusath Handa” under the community services avenue and it was really a challenging situation for me because all the committee members were totally strangers to me. It was the first time I have ever worked with undergraduates from different faculties but gradually I was able to build up new friendships with many more talented undergraduates from different faculties thanks to Rotaract Mora.

Project “Nena Aruna” was another amazing opportunity I have earned through the Rotaract movements. I was able to conduct several virtual seminars for ordinary level Science, Mathematics, and Information technology and even nearly after a year, those memories from Nena Aruna really make me happy.

“Andurata Athwelak”, "Are You Ready - Company Coordination” and “Panel Coordination” projects were kind of different projects I’ve joined. Those projects were focused on different audiences and we sacrificed our time, energy and we also put more and more effort to succeed in those projects. “Andurata Athwelak – Voice Donation camp” was kind of a novel experience. It was the very first time I’ve ever worked with people outside the university. As a recording coordinator, I’ve spent my whole completing the voice recordings.  And when it comes to the Company Coordination and Panel Coordination, they were not just volunteering, it also developed our soft skills, provided better awareness about the prerequisite skills as well.

Being a student coordinator of a signature project was again a kind of challenging situation than I expected. In the project “Rota Spark”, I was assigned as a student coordinator and my duty was coordinating newbies from batch 20. I had to come up with various ideas and topics and more than 100 newbies gathered around me in an unexpected way. Coordinating that house would be a memory that I relish forever. I’ve spent more than 10 hours with them daily in this virtual environment. I think I’ve devoted my full attention to manage that group because I was representing Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa.

Last but not least, I got an opportunity to be a co-chair of project “CAST 4 – Online Awurudu”. Being a chairperson of a project was 100% harder and challenging than I have expected before. There were several memories such as five to six hours long calls, critical decision-making scenarios, sleepless nights, and funny late-night chats.

The most beautiful things in life are not things. Its people, memories, feelings, and movements.  For me Rotaract Mora is one of the clubs which reminds me of my social responsibilities towards the society and where I met new friends out of my circle and now it has become my second family…


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