To All The Boys: A Rotaract version💕

Imprints of Impacts Nov 23, 2021
So last 19th was World Men’s Day, and I obviously couldn’t help but notice there’s a VERY noticeable gap between Women’s day celebrations and Men’s day celebrations which I didn’t really notice before. I’m not gonna write a blog about the whole gender equality thing because it is this whole thing with so much to talk about and I’m the one who always ask everyone to keep their blogs short. Before the intro part gets too long let’s jump right into it yeah🐰❤!?

So here’s to all the boys (I know I know Men; Boys… Potayto Potahto!🥔🍟)

I’ve been thinking about how to structure this blog for days now. But yet again proving the universal fact that no matter how long you think and think and think most of your greatest ideas pop in your head in that ONE place. The fountain of ideas, the paradise of great thinkers, the Niagara falls of creativity… THE SHOWER!🤯💡

Annnnnyway! I am a big fan of Lilly Singh. You know, the II Superwoman II Lilly singh!? Yeah so, I love all those “types of people” videos she makes and I thought why not!?!!?

Yup... a super fan🦸‍♀️🖤

Thus,(like that ONE time Joey used thus) Ready for some tea!?😌☕

Types of boys in Rotaract👨🏽👦🏽👨🏽‍🦱🧔🏽

Nummmmber 1) The cute-teaaaa! 🤭

You know that really cute fellow at your class or work or whatever and you just wanna always be around them and you'd go out of your way to get things done when they ask for a favor!? Yup. This is the same guy. The thing is there are more than one of them around here, this place is FLOODING with them. So if you are anything like me, you better learn how to say no to extra work when you are drowning in work. The other thing with them is most of the time they are super sweet and friendly too so you gotta play it cool otherwise you are gonna get mocked, shipped, teased by everyone else at every. single. meeting.

2) The arch nemesis/The joey 😐

Once in a while in life you meet this person you would do anything for? You'd travel the seven seas and defeat evil just to get them a sandwich? But then again, 2 seconds later they annoy the living hell out of you and you just wanna punch them in their face?! Yeah so there's a solid 89.619265% of a chance that you'd get yourself one of those in here.

3) The big brother 😇

This person will always be there for you, protect you like the apple of his eye, but will also get on your nerves cause they are overprotective and the second you do something he doesn't like he'll go all ayya mood on you and a lecture about the society will go on for two hours. But believe me, this person is not very easy to find. And if you do, you are damn lucky. In my case, I found three. At once. So imagine three paranoid ayya figures lecturing you at the same time in middle of a project call...very fun!

4) The overachieving sibling 🙃  

This is no ordinary guy. This guy knows your parents, has known you for years and is basically your mother's nonbiological child. On top of all that he is excelling in everything you do and literally is your overachieving sibling. Sounds kinda annoying but actually it's not. It's super cool and very inspiring. And you can basically talk with them about anything. Like ANYTHING!

5) THE guy 😎

So this dude is like "THE guy". Always looks put together and on point. Has great ideas. Can pull off any challenge put his way. Nice to everyone and knows everyone. Is a little intimidating at first cause he has this perfection kinda vibe about him but actually is a pretty chill and fun dude ones you get to know him.

6) The sweet malli baba 🥰

This fellow actually could or could not be younger than you but is 100% the genuinely sweet malli baba who is very supportive to akkalas. As far as I've experienced this dude is genuinely sweet and is not the sketchy kind. The best part is that you kind of get to boss them around a little bit.

7) The cupid 🤗

Literally is like the cupid. Sets everyone up. This guy is the destined matchmaker. Not just in match making, this kind of a person usually has exceptional organizing skills at anything and is very likely to be everyone's favorite.  This type of person usually has all the answers and will tell you if you messed up.

8) The chamber of secret 🤫

Very hard to spot this side of them unless you get into that ONE conversation that one random day out of no where. They are literally the Chandler of Rotaract. For the looks of it he is the typical American dude with a normal job and but for real they are Tom Riddle. Gorgeously mysterious... (Yes yes I'm one of those crazy people who are more into the villain.) But don't worry this particular kinda people are not dangerous and doesn't turn into the dark lord so all good.

9) The Brad Pitt 🤩

Obviously, looks good. Everyone likes him, where he goes the party follows, very chatty and kinda flirty and very talented in making a friend out of everyone. You can find him in every project, every Instagram story, everyone's fb comments. Sometimes he does give the jerk football team captain from high school movies vibe, but is actually a very nice fellow and would stick through thick and thin with you at all times.

10) The toothpaste ad 😁

This person needs no further introductions. These kinda person has a smile brighter than Gunther's hair and is usually the person who catches the eye of anyone if he's in a group picture. But we actually have few of these people so we can say the attention is kinda divided nicely. These ones are usually very blunt and always makes jokes. You'll know if you messed up cause they are not afraid to say it to your face. Or sometimes embarrass you a little.


Okay so this is getting wayyyyy longer than I planned it to be so I'm gonna TRY, to wrap this up. But no promises cause it's me and I'm known for my very long paragraphs and captions. I also kind of hope I won't get in trouble for this cause I just realized that it's 3 AM and writing at 3AM means whatever you are writing on, turns into your diary. There's a solid 100% chance that I'll see this in a few years and cringe to death. But all jokes aside, this is a place you find amazing people. Different, diverse, unique, yet amazing people.

Sure, it's no paradise. You've got responsibilities to fulfill. You've got work piling up like crazy. You've got moments where all your will to work slips out of your hands. You've got days when you just wanna forget all the stuff and just sleep. You've got days where you just wanna cry a river. But what I've realized is that, all of those days you've got a shoulder to cry on. Hand to help you get up, lead you, literally help you at any moment you feel hopeless. There will always be someone to show you the path, have your back and the best, walk alongside. So, to all the boys,

Thank you!

Thank you, for being a lifelong friend, a protective brother, a brilliant mentor, a wonderful senior, a sweet junior, a troubling arch enemy, a great pillar of strength, a perfect painkiller and many many many more.

In this club, I've found friendship, family, excitement, love, heartbreak, sorrow, disappointment, loss, victory, adventure and so basically, I found life. And you guys is a HUGE part of it. So, to all the boys,

Love you 3000! Always and forever...

With love,

Your friendly editorial panda🐼💕

P.S: Ultimately, if anyone wants an excuse to work around cute people; Rotaract Mora is pretty a good one ;p)

Yup... a super geek🤓❤

P.S.S: I know I went on for around 1500 words about how I love you guys but if anyone of ya'll didn't get the movie references and the tv show references, honey we are rethinking about our friendship!


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