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Professional Development Nov 21, 2019

As written by Rtr. Nisuri Munasinghe,

“Your time is limited. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

– Steve Jobs –

Starting your own business is something that is challenging, fulfilling and different than anything you have probably done in your life. When you decide to follow the life of an entrepreneur, you are giving yourself permission to pursue what you are passionate about life. Being an entrepreneur can be a liberating and an exciting endeavor in this regard.

We have heard about many inspiring stories of the greatest entrepreneurs who started with nothing but ended up being billionaires. Yet there are a lot of untold stories of entrepreneurs who failed to achieve their goals due to lack of proper guidance and experience. Entrepreneurship can be a tough game. So you should have a correct idea about the entrepreneurial world and you need to ensure that every step you take, helps to reach the top of your game.

University of Moratuwa is a place full of masterminds who have innovative business ideas, but only a few take the leap and launch their own startup. Starting their own business can be one of the hardest decisions that life offers so they need to have a proper understanding about the entrepreneurial world in order to reduce risks and uncertainties. Realizing this need of the undergraduates, Rotaract Club of University of Moratuwa in collaboration with the Career Guidance Unit, organized “YouthBiz”, the fourth preparatory session of ‘Are You Ready? 2019’, to empower and equip the undergraduates to make them realize their potential to become a successful entrepreneur and to give them a clear understanding of the principles of entrepreneurship and the skills necessary for starting a business.

‘YouthBiz’ was successfully held on the 17th of October at the Civil Auditorium of the university from 5pm onwards. The session mainly consisted of a panel discussion which enlightened the audience by giving them an insight to the entrepreneurial world. The distinguished panelists were Mr. Wishanth Wijesinha (Head of John Keells Holdings PLC), Mr. Dulinda Perera (Founder/CEO of IKON Marketing) and Mr. Lalin Dias (Founder/CEO of Yaala Labs). The panel was moderated by Chamod Wijayasekara (Final year undergraduate).

During the panel discussion, the panelists were asked some common questions which may occur in the journey of striving to success. All the panelists discussed their paths to entrepreneurial achievements and offered advice and recommendations to the undergraduates by sharing their own life experience. We realized that entrepreneurship constantly presents new challenges. It’s like a roller coaster where there are always ups and downs. They emphasized the importance of following the dreams that you are passionate about. As an answer to a question asked during the panel discussion, Mr.Dulinda Perera marked how he prioritizes and manages the work and balances being both an entrepreneur and an undergraduate of our university.

A Q&A session was conducted at the end of the panel discussion, providing the audience with the opportunity to engage with panelists directly and to clear their doubts. During the Q&A session, attendees asked a wide range of questions which allowed them to deepen their understanding of approaching a startup idea .We believe that through this session, the undergraduates were able to gain some experience and confidence and also to dig into the key rules and manners of an entrepreneur.

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