We are what we remember...

Imprints of Impacts Sep 07, 2021

Let’s try something new. Be aware! I’m not a writing person at all. I have never tried this before. But yeah! Let’s do this.

Some people are very important to our lives. Some, we’ve been known for a long time; some we’ve known for a short period of time. So many words spoken and unspoken, so many thoughts shared and stored away, so many emotions felt, shared, and rejected; can you imagine all of it out there, hanging like an eternal droplet in the air? I'm writing this to honor those memories and people I met recently in my life.

On a weary evening in March last year; I overheard some of my friends talking about a Happy Potter-themed event. You know, we Potter heads get enlivened even when we hear the name. So, I was very much curious, and I got to know that it was the Rotaract Mora Orientation for newbies. From that day onwards, it was a ravishing ride; I had chosen to get aboard with these beautiful souls. Or, I was a “chosen one” if I may... ;p

With the pandemic outbreak, things have changed so suddenly. All academic works came onto online platforms. We couldn't meet our friends physically. Stress levels went higher and higher by day. But then, Rotaract came into play.

Maestro, It's where it all started. Maestro was the first project which I got a chance to chair. We were all bored with sitting in front of a laptop and listening to lectures. But with Maestro, life was suddenly full of excitement. It was the beginning of all these new bonds. We worked together, laughed together, and learnt together with great success in the project too. Because of them, Maestro taught me the real meaning of "None of us is as smart as all of us".

After that, I worked on many other projects with a lot of new faces, and now I can't live without some of them. Every time I'm taking a walk down the memory lane, I can stop at one particular memory. Which was that moment, where four random boys were chosen for RUR panel coordination. We spent four sleepless days trying to give our best to the project. A project I thought would be stressful, a WhatsApp group we thought would be dead after the project, but here we are now, still trolling and teasing each other nearly one year later and having each other's back through thick and thin.

At first, we were all strangers who were passionate about the same kinds of things that we didn't know we were. With time, we have done so many beautiful things to be kept as lifelong memories. There were a lot of ups and downs on this ride. But finally, we all ended up with this amazing family called "Rotaract Mora", which is filled with so much love.

I’m forever grateful to all of these beautiful souls of Rotaract Mora for having my back in each situation I had to go through and treating me like their own.

P.S: I'm writing this because one of the blog ladies threatened me to write a blog. JOKES(not)! Bye...


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