An Amazing Journey to Down South - Ceylon Safari 2018 - Phase 3

International Service Jan 27, 2019

As told by Rtr. Subodha Ratnayake

“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.” – Seneca

Ceylon Safari is a life-changing experience embarked on by Rotaract Mora, and the days of this journey across Sri Lanka were filled with both excitement and anticipation along with remarkable memories.

Ceylon Safari was organized in three phases and the phase three made the way to unleash the beauty of the Southern coast of Sri Lanka. The finest and most satisfying adventurous experiences were gifted to our foreign friends throughout this whole journey.

The dawn of the final day of the year 2018 was spent by engaging in a safari in the Ambalangoda river which gave out a relaxing and beautiful vibe. The latter part of the day was spent at Sea Turtle Hatchery at Ambalangoda that rescues turtles who are in danger of losing their lives due to the fishing industry. The dusk of the day was enjoyed indulging with sun, sand and the beauty of the Hikkaduwa beach. This experience was quite refreshing and wonderful with the sight of the intense assortment of orange, pink and yellow colors across the sky, along with the fiery sun starting to hit the water.
The eve of the new year was well spent at the Beach Party at Mirissa beach, and the following day was spent on the long sparkling stretch of the Palm tree grove with glistening sand. Climbing the Parrot Rock was a marvelous part in this journey. Parrot Rock is situated right on Mirissa beach and gives a sight of the Mirissa area. The first part of the hike was a short walk through water and the stunning view when we got to the top of the rock was totally worth the effort.

The third phase of Ceylon Safari was successfully concluded with nostalgic memories and experiences, With that, we came to the end of the series of adventures of Ceylon Safari 2018, while gathering a bunch of much-cherished moments and building friendships for a lifetime with the four of our dear Rotaractors from Cyprus and Romania.

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